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Updated: 04/28/2015

Carrer Croera
43500 Tortosa



Bisbat de Tortosa

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The Cathedral is perhaps the building that best reflects the passing of time and how this has left its mark on the city. The construction of the Gothic Cathedral began in 1347 and continued until the middle of the eighteenth century and in the Canonical common areas, founded in the twelfth century.

The sanctuary, one of the most unique elements of the building, is characterized by the absence of walls between the chapels; in this way they form a double walkway around the altar.The floor plan of the cathedral is formed by three naves with no crossway but with side chapels between the buttresses and covered by cross vaults. Of all the chapels in the cathedral, the one dedicated to the city’s patron Mare de Déu de la Cinta is particularly remarkable. It was built between 1672 and 1725 and is a fine example of mature baroque style, a symbiosis of architecture, sculpture and painting, using theatrical resources so characteristic of this style.