Cardona Castle

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Updated: 11/08/2023

Castell de Cardona
08261 Cardona



Agència Catalana de Patrimoni Cultural - Àrea de Monuments i Jaciments

+34 93 554 76 83

A majestic monumental complex considered to be one of the most important Mediaeval fortresses in Catalonia.

From the castle, strategically located atop a hill, there is an incomparable panoramic view over the Cardener valley and the salt mines, the finest anywhere in the Bages area.

The march of history has left its mark on every corner of Cardona castle, architectural gems from different periods such as the Gothic cloister, the ducal courtyard or the crown of defensive bastions. The outstanding element of the complex is Sant Vicenç collegiate church, built in the 10th century, one of the highlights of early Catalan Romanesque.

Among the films shot here we should mention: Orson Welles’ Chimes at Midnight; Giorgio Ferroni’s L'Arciere di fuoco (1971); Roberto Mauri’s La Spada Normanna (1971); Cayetano del Real’s La Cripta (1981); Carles Mira’s Daniya (1988); Nigel Dick’s S Club Seeing Double (2003); Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu’s Les derniers jours du monde (2009); and the videoclip “S Club 7 - Who Do You Think You Are?” with Michael Jackson.