ICUB presents the Guide to good practices in audiovisual production to promote sustainability in filming


The guide comes with a decalogue of sustainable recommendations

The promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda reinforces the consolidated trajectory of the city of Barcelona in terms of participatory strategic planning, both in the field of environmental sustainability and in social inclusion, and its international vocation, which seeks alliances with other cities to address climate change, the refugee crisis or the reduction of inequalities, among other shared challenges.

Within the framework of municipal audiovisual policies, the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB), through the Barcelona Film Commission, has defined a set of sustainability measures that the sector must consider in filming. These ICUB have defined these measures considering the evolution of current audiovisual production and the demands of the industry and to guide production companies to reduce the environmental impact derived from their filming. In this context, ICUB has considered that sustainability can drive the new management model for filming in Barcelona.

These measures are included in the Guide to good practices in audiovisual production, a document that sets out the most relevant initiatives of the film industry identified in terms of sustainability. This document is the first one related to sustainability within filming published in Catalonia.

Along the same lines, ICUB has defined an exhaustive set of sustainability recommendations. All following the city's commitment to sustainability. Through this guide, the city of Barcelona wants to project its ideal of shootings in terms of sustainability. And the city wants to show its desire that these measures will progressively incorporate into filmings that have not yet applied them. You can consult the guide at the following link.

Link to the guide

These measures are also summarized in a decalogue, a document with the guide summarized in ten points. You can consult the recommendations in decalogue format at the following link.

Decalogue link

If you have inquiries about the guide, you can fill in this form.

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