Mas Iglesias Center of the Image

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Updated: 09/19/2023

Jaume Vidal i Alcover, 6
43204 Reus



Cristina Pedret Llauradó

Agència de Promoció de Ciutat "Reus Promoció"

+34 977 010 667

The Mas d'Igelèsies, or Mas Iglesias, is a former farmhouse reformed as house senyorial of Reus's municipality. Nowadays it is the headquarters of the Center of the Image Mas Iglesias and the building is protected as cultural good of local interest. Centre it is an equipment dedicated to the preservation, the study and the diffusion of the visual, both documentary and artistic heritage. The year 2006 Reus's Town hall gave a step forward with Centre of the Image mas Churches and Antoni Martra incorporates in his area of work, besides the Municipal Phototeak, the Film library i Badia that happens to be other great prop of the CIMIR.