Boca de la Mina promenade

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Updated: 01/20/2022

Passeig Boca de la Mina
43206 Reus



Dominique Ruiz Pierrad

Agència de Promoció de Ciutat "Reus Promoció"

+34 977 010 667

The Mouth of the Mine is the point wherefrom Monterols's mine arises, mine of great importance to supply of water to Reus's city, already it towards from the 17th century. At present, the constant active mine expiring with his basic mission, and today still it is a source of aigua very relevant. On the other hand, the Mouth of the Mine is a civil modal, a site tied to the imaginary group of the reusences where, a moment or other one, a moment has been going to be walked, to drink water, and to be useful of the time of leisure.