Zeru horiek

Where was it filmed?

TV Movie
Aizpea Goenaga
Production Co.: 
TVE, Televisió de Catalunya, Compañía Vasca de Audiovisuales S.A., Factotum Barcelona S.L.
Nagore Aranburu, Joseba Apaolaza, Aitor Merino, Loli Astoreka

"She was 36 and had spent the last part of her life in prison." Thus begins the novel Those skies by renowned Basque novelist Bernardo Atxaga, and this film based on it. 
Irene has just been released from prison. A former terrorist, she has been granted a pardon for repenting, but she makes this choice without the consent of the terrorist group she belongs to (presumably ETA, though this is never actually mentioned). 
Her release from prison is the start of a kind of road movie depicting both her physical and inner journey back to her hometown, San Sebastian, and to a new future. Her story is told through a series of flashbacks revealing her dreams, her convictions, the close friendships she leaves behind in prison, and the political commitment that keeps her from accepting the man she loves. On the journey home, she is the victim of police coercion as two cops pressure her to become their stooge. But she also befriends some nuns and a woman, whose solidarity and compassion help her break with the past and move on. Though Irene's journey will force her to face an uncertain and lonely future, it will be yet another step towards real freedom.