Sin huellas

TV Series
Paco Caballero, Gemma Ferraté, Samantha López Speranza, Koldo Serra
Production Co.: 
Zeta Studios, Amazon Studios
Carolina Yuste, Camila Sodi, Silvia Alonso, Borja Luna, Álex Gadea, Adrian Grösse, Adriana Torrebejano, Leonardo Ortizgris, Pastora Vega.

Desi (Carolina Yuste) and Cata (Camila Sodi), gypsy and Mexican, are cleaners. Well, they were. They are fired overnight. Overwhelmed and with just enough to get through the month, they wait for a miracle that comes in the form of a call when they have the job to clean the Roselló mansion, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. All goes well until they come across the dead body of a woman. Horror. Panic. After the initial shock, Cata and Desi realize that they have cleaned everything up. No footprints. They are the perfect culprits, and that is why the police are after them. And also some Russian hitmen. And a family of millionaires. And an ex-husband with mariachis. Let's see how they come out of that problem.

Shot in: Barcelona, Garraf - Sitges, Terrassa, Tossa de Mar, Maresme - Alella, Arenys de Mar, El Masnou, Mataró, Òrrius, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Sant Vicenç de Montalt.