Water Museum of Lleida: La Canadiense Camp

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Updated: 05/28/2024

av. de Miquel Batllori, 52
25001 Lleida



Maria Domènech Nadal

Tècnica del Departament d’Audiovisuals – Regidoria Ciutat i Cultura

(+34) 973 700 393  · ext. 1753 


Old workers' camp of the canal complex and the hydroelectric power station of Seròs. Built on the banks of the Seròs canal, it is formed by a group of buildings that housed the houses, organized in two blocks of four houses, and a chalet for the engineer, with an aesthetic similar to that of the industrial colonies. In the enclosed and landscaped outdoor space there is the well and the old water tank of the enclosure and a set of pieces from hydroelectric power plants.

The interior spaces host various exhibitions. One of them is the reconstruction of the office of the company's engineers and another is the office of the scientist Joan Oró. There is also an educational classroom and the offices of the Water Museum.

The enclosure is located in the middle of an urban park, with a great wealth of vegetation and green spaces.