Hill of the Seu Vella - Military Fortification

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Updated: 06/14/2021

Turó de la Seu Vella s/n
25002 - Apt. 1013 Lleida



Maria Domènech Nadal

Tècnica del Departament d’Audiovisuals – Regidoria Ciutat i Cultura

(+34) 973 700 393  · ext. 1753 


In a spectacular setting in the heart of the city of Lleida stands the monumental complex of the hill of the Seu Vella. It is comprised of different buildings: the Seu Vella or old cathedral, the Castle of the King or Suda, the military fortification that surrounds the site and various archaeological remains that help us understand the present.

The present military fortification at the hill of the Seu Vella was built between the 17th and 20th centuries, although most of the defensive structures were built during the Catalan Revolt and the War of Spanish Succession. The fortification is configured in a quadrangular enclosure located at the highest part of the hill. A powerful bastion dominates each of its vertices. The fortification is completed with other bastions and counter bastions, walls, tunnels and walkways.