Cinema Museum

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Updated: 01/09/2023

C/ Sèquia, 1
17001 Girona



Laura Merino

Girona Film Office - Ajuntament de Girona
+34 972 010 251


The Cinema Museum, opened in 1998, is a special museum in our country, that preserves and displays the Tomàs Mallol Collection of objects and equipment of precinema and the begining of the cinema. The visit of two and a half floors of the permanent exhibition (1,500 m2 in total) takes visitors on a journey through the history and the origins of cinema, from the ancient shadows theater until the advent of film and television, through all the shows and inventions that for 300 years have evolved the technique of the moving image. The original objects on display are accompanied by many audiovisuals, interactive elements, sets, etc.. they do visit the Cinema Museum recommendable for all audiences.