Girona History Museum

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Updated: 06/15/2016

Carrer de la Força, 27
17004 Girona



Laura Merino

Girona Film Office - Ajuntament de Girona
+34 972 41 94 02

The Girona History Museum is housed in a building which has of itself a singular past behind it. Its basement contains remains of the late-2nd or early-3rd century Roman wall. In the 15th century it was a prominent Gothic mansion belonging to the Cartellà family, later becoming the Sant Antoni monastery of the Capuchin friars. Simply of itself the building is a true marvel, with surprising areas that have been preserved in magnificent condition, as is the case of the former monastery’s cemetery or desiccator, the cistern and the cloister and the impressive salons, as well as the Coal Cellar and Jardí de la Infància Air Raid Shelter.