Vida perfecta

Perfect Life
TV Series
Leticia Dolera
Production Co.: 
Corte y confección de películas, Movistar +
Leticia Dolera, Aixa Villagran, Celia Freijeiro, Manuel Burque, Carmen Machi, David Verdeguer, Font García, Fernando Colomo

TV series of 8 episodes that delves into the lives of three women who are around 40 years old and who are in the middle of an existential crisis. The first one is María (Leticia Dolera), a dentist with a plan of life designed to the millimeter. She is a very calculating woman with everything planned, but when she is about to execute that plan, it didn't go well and then decides to let herself go. She goes crazy with consequences. The second is Maria's sister, Esther (Aixa Villagrán), a painter who has not managed to live on her art so far. She is a very funny, charismatic and hedonistic woman, who is not afraid to be judged, but who has stayed in adolescence and has not just known herself enough. She does not want to face that she has an age and things are not coming out. And finally there is the friend of both, Cristina (Celia Freijerio), a lawyer at the top of her career, married and with two daughters that, despite carrying the life she had always dreamed of, she feels deeply empty and unhappy.

Shot in Barcelona, Molins de Rei, Begues, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Caldes de Montbui, Mataró, Montgat, Palau Solità, Sant Viçens de Montalt, Badalona, Polinyà and Cabrera de Mar.