With Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé as protagonists

Guillem Clua, the author of the successful play, is the showrunner of this television series filmed in our city. Marta Pahissa and David M. Porras are the directors. Minoría Absoluta for Netflix is the production company. The Smiley cast is led by Miki Esparbé, Carlos Cuevas, Pepón Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis and Ramón Pujol. The locators have been Jaume Jordana and Jordi R. Renom. The location assistants are Néstor Pellegrini and Claudia Torrents Insensé.

Àlex (Carlos Cuevas) has just had a heartbreak. He had delusions about a boy who, after a few weeks, made him ghosting. And this has not gone down very well. He picks up the phone and prepares to ask for explanations with a voice message that will have the most unexpected consequences because he mistakenly sends it to Bruno (Miki Esparbé), whom he doesn't know, at all. This innocent mistake is the first in a chain of events that will change the lives of Àlex and Bruno forever and ever. In this article, we review the locations of the series in Barcelona, but if you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further, there may be spoilers.


Chapter 1. When Àlex found Bruno

The series begins with the wrong phone call from Àlex to Lolo (Carlos Noriega), but he makes a mistake and leaves the message to Bruno. Àlex wakes up at home and explains his call to us in a voice-over. We see him raise the blind of the bar where he works, Bar Vero (Nou de Sant Francesc, 27). A bar that does not exist. They recreated it for the series. He calls from the phone there.

We see Àlex having dinner at his mother's house, Rosa (Ámparo Fernández). The apartment is on Villarroel street. Àlex remembers his relationship with Lolo and when they were in the latter's apartment (Juan de Austria street). Later we see Bruno walking down the street when he sends a mobile message. This scene filmed at the Industrial School (Rosselló, 101).



Bruno listens to the message he receives by mistake in the offices of Sunyer Architects, where he works (Avda. Diagonal, 177). He arrives with his friend and co-worker Albert (Eduardo Lloveras). They recreated the offices in the Mediapro building.



Àlex goes with Vero (Meritxell Calvo) to see the new apartment she will share with her girlfriend, Patri (Giannina Fruttero). This apartment is on Juan de Austria street. From the apartment's terrace, we see the Hotel Arts and the Mapfre Tower in the background.



Later, we see an aerial shot of Plaza Cataluña at night. Bruno arrives at his house. His apartment is on Provença street. Javier (Pepón Nieto) comes to Bar Vero with Christmas decorations. Meanwhile, Bruno visits Albert and his wife, Núria (Ruth Llopis). They are at home talking with Bruno about whether he is meeting Àlex.

Rosa, Àlex's mother, works in the fish market with her sister. They are at the Montserrat market (Vía Favència, 247). A client (Pep Sais) buys there and tells them he has seen Ramiro (Carles Sanjaime), a friend of the family, who has returned. Then Àlex arrives, and his mother introduces him to Ibra (Cedrick Mugisha), a boy with whom his mother wants him to go on a date.

In another scene, we see an aerial view of the Sagrada Familia. And the Christmas decoration and, in the background, a Ferris wheel in the Port Vell area.


Chapter 2. The wings of Icarus

The episode begins with Javier singing at Bar Vero on the stage "Las cosas del querer". Meanwhile, Bruno and Àlex meet at the bar for the first time. Najat (Yasmina Drissi) comes to Albert and his wife's house to babysit the children.



Later, we see a view of Paseo de Gràcia, the V15 bus that goes to Avda. Tibidabo passes by. We also see an image of the monumental fountain of the promenade with the traffic of cars circulating. In another scene, Albert and his wife, Núria, leave the house. Each one walks one different way on the street. They are on Diputación, 294.


Chapter 3. Bringing Up Baby

In this chapter, the police arrest Albert after the company party. We see him at the door of the Mossos police station, where his wife is waiting for him. They recreated the police station in the Acellec building (Ramón Turró, 71).

Àlex buys at his mother's fish shop. He then walks out of the market, but the door is not from the Montserrat market. He is at the Ninot market and walks along the Passatge Carmen Aymeric.

At night, we see Àlex walking down a street and knocking on a portal. It's on Sils street.


Chapter 4. Starting over

In this chapter, we see a ship entering the port of Barcelona and Ramiro on the railing looking out to the sea.

Bruno goes out to the terrace of his house with his dog, and we see the views of the Collserola tower. Then we see a night image of Port Vell. It's Christmas, and that's why there are Christmas decorations in the street and Reial square with the decorated fountain. We see people walking down Ferran street. We see how Ramiro arrives at his pension. He is on Còdol Street between Ample street and Rull street.

Later, we see an image at night on Paseo de Gràcia with Christmas lights and the Casa Batlló illuminated. Rosa, Àlex's mother, and Ramiro walk down Mercé street (between Duque de Medinaceli square and La Mercè square). Later, you can see a night image of Paseo de Gràcia and the monumental fountain in the middle.


Chapter 5. Every sheep in its pen

At the beginning of the chapter, we see Àlex running down a street while he crosses paths with a person dressed as Santa Claus, and in the background are some industrial chimneys. This scene is at the Industrial School. It's Christmas day.

We see an aerial daytime image of the port, and in the background, we can see the Mapfre tower, the Forum, the three Chimneys of San Adrián, and the sea. We can also see the Building of the History Museum of Catalonia (Pau Vila square, 3). And different images of the city as the Colón building, the Chimeneas Park, the Cathedral, and the Agbar tower.

In this chapter, you can see several scenes on the beach about the story of Àlex's mother when she was young on El Prat beach.

Later, we see an image at night with a Ferris wheel next to the Junta de Obras del Puerto building, opposite the statue of Columbus. We also see a night image of Port Vell with boats, the Ferris wheel, and various buildings in the background. Also, we see Paseo de Gràcia and Banys Nous street, in front of the Caelum store, with people walking.

Christmas lunch at Àlex's mother's house. Ibra and Àlex talk in the street after lunch. They are at the Sagristà passage, 19. Later we see Àlex walking and Bruno also through the Domingo passage.



Chapter 6. A Degree of Separation

In this episode, we see an aerial image of Barcelona from the mountain. You can see the Agbar Tower, the Mapfre Tower, and the sea in the background. We also see Las Ramblas full of people.

Bruno and Ramón (Ramón Pujol) walk along Sils street and turn left to Bar Vero street, between Nou de Sant Francesc and Pau passage. There they find Ibra.

Later, we see an image of Paseo de Gràcia and the cars passing by, the obelisk in the Cinco de Oros square, and a view of the sea and the Agbar tower.


Chapter 7. 5 minutes before the countdown

In this episode, we see the New Year's Eve party at Bar Vero. Ramon is walking with his motorcycle helmet down a street. He is talking on his cell phone. He turns and walks to a motorcycle. He is in Duque de Medinaceli square. Then, he walks down Mercè street to Mercè square.

We also see the fireworks from Port Vell. Ramiro watches them sitting on a bench.


Chapter 8. The red thread

In this episode, we see an image of the port and the Colón building with the Agbar tower in the background and the Sagrada Familia.

From Patricia's terrace, you can see the works of the Sagrada Familia on one side and the two towers on the other, the Mapfre tower and the Hotel Arts. It is the fifth of January, and you can see images of the parade of kings.

In the morning, we see Àlex taking a taxi in the street. He leaves on a trip and heads to the airport. When he takes the car, he is at Bajada de Gomis, 1.

The taxi arrives at the airport, and we see Miró's mural in the old terminal of El Prat. At the end of the chapter, we see Àlex and Bruno. They are on Ali Bei street between Bailén and Girona.



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