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BBC miniseries

This series is the touching and hilarious story of the Petersen's on vacation in Europe. During the trip, the father, Douglas, tries to win back the love of his wife, Connie, and reconcile with his son Albie. Geoff Sax directs this BBC's series, but you can currently see it on Filmin in Spain under the title Nosotros, based on the novel Us by David Nicholls. The production companies are Drama Republic and Bandstand Productions with the Palma Pictures service. The English series shot some of its chapters in our city. Luis Botella was the Location Manager, Miriam Blanch was the assistant to the Location Manager, and Marcel Tomás was the second assistant to the Location Manager. We follow the steps of its protagonists through our city.


Episode 1

Connie (Saskia Reeves) decides she wants the divorce from her husband, Douglas (Tom Hollander). However, they decided to take one last trip together with her son Albie (Tom Taylor), who is about to leave for University. The trip will follow the steps of the journey through Europe that Connie and Douglas made when they were young. From London, they travel to France to visit Paris.



Episode 2

In this chapter, they visit the streets and museums of Paris. And then they leave for Amsterdam.


Episode 3

In Amsterdam, the family begins to collapse, Douglas's tension grows with his son and wife. Albie decides to leave alone after meeting a young woman named Kat (Thaddea Grahams). She is also a street musician.

The journey continues to Venice. Douglas looks for his son in the Italian city. In one scene, he is in a square. A boy and a girl are playing the guitar and singing in front of a fountain. He asks them if they have seen his son. It is the Sant Felip Neri square. Douglas meets there with another woman staying at the hotel. Her name is Freja (Sofie Gråbøl). The two of them have a coffee on a terrace in this square, in the Hotel Neri (Sant Sever street, 5). We see Albie at night playing at the same place, sitting by the fountain.



Episode 4

The Sant Felip Neri square continues to be the protagonist. Freja and Douglas have another coffee there in the morning, even though they are in Venice. Meanwhile, his wife calls him on the phone.

At night, Freja and Douglas have dinner in a Venetian restaurant. After that, they walk near a Roman temple. It's actually on Pare Xifré street in Vic. We see them while they are passing through the arcades of the city's main square too. The next day, Douglas travels to Siena. They filmed those scenes in Vic. We see him while he's sitting on the steps of the Cathedral of Sant Pere de Vic.


Episode 5

In this chapter, Douglas travels to Barcelona looking for his son. Meanwhile, Albie is dancing at a disco. Kat, the girl he met in Amsterdam, sends him a message on his mobile to meet him in Barcelona. We see him at the exit when it is already daylight. The exit door is number 4 in Sant Josep Oriol square.

We see Connie and Douglas as youngsters arrive in Barcelona at a hotel. Douglas arrives at the same hotel today. He is seen at the Font Mágica watching the light show at night.

The next day Douglas walks through the Carles Buïgas square next to the Magic Fountain, where he has met with his son. Albie thinks that he has a date with Kat. They speak in front of the lit fountain, and we can see the MNAC in the background. They climb the stairs, and we can see the Venetian towers of España square. They sit down at the stairs to talk and to try to fix their relationship.

In the morning, Douglas and Albie have a coffee with churros at the Bar El Mendizábal which is on Junta de Comerç street, 2. At night, they have a drink at El Drac de Sant Jordi. This bar is on Sant Josep Oriol street, 3. And then they go dancing at a disco. When they leave, they talk while sitting on a bench. This scene is inside the Passage del Crèdit on the corner of Baixada de Sant Miquel street. The disco is in the vegetarian restaurant Salida, at number 7 in Baixada de Sant Miquel. However, the interior is actually in Sitges. They have spent the whole night partying and are walking back to the hotel through a deserted Plaza Real and then along the Ramblas.



That same day, Albie and Douglas hurried through the traffic light that led to Estación de França in Marqués de l'Argentera Avenue. They enter the train station and run towards the tracks to catch a train to Sitges.


Episode 6

They return to Barcelona. We can see the view from the window of a taxi through Paseo Picasso and its arcades and La Pedrera. They arrive by taxi at a house, in which they will stay for two weeks and which is on Teodor Roviralta street.

Douglas and Connie accompany Albie to the Estación de França to catch a train. Albie buys a ticket at the box office, and they say goodbye to each other in the hall.



We see images of the city such as the Sant Felip Neri square, the Bisbe bridge and the sculpture of the thinking bull by Josep Granyer i Giralt in Rambla Cataluña.

After that, we see Douglas and Connie entering the Pi square. There is a non-sedentary market there and they walk through it. Then, they enter a juice store. It is the Giovanni ice cream parlor.

We see Montjuic Cable Car. Connie looks from the Miramar Gardens overlooking Barcelona and Douglas arrives. After that, they visit the Miró Foundation. We see the exterior and interior of the museum. They walk on the terrace. We see more images of the city, such as Catalunya square, the Calatrava tower, and Paseo de Gracia, before Douglas and Connie return to England, and the trip is over.

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