We review the nominations for the Goya awards


Of films shot in our city

We already know the nominations for the Goya awards and among the lucky ones there are a few films that have shot in Barcelona: Libertad, Girlfriends, Out of Sync and The Laws of the Border. We review them and their nominations.

The awards will be delivered on February 12, 2022. You can check all the other nominations here.




6 Libertad by Clara Roquet

Best film

Best New Director for Clara Roquet

Best Original Screenplay for Clara Roquet

Best Supporting Actress for Nora Navas

Best New Actress for Nicolle García

Best Cinematography Direction for Gris Jordana


2 Girlfriends by Carol Rodríguez Colás

Best New Director for Carol Rodríguez Colás

Best New Actress for Ángela Cervantes


2 Out of Sync by Juanjo Giménez

Best Original Screenplay for Juanjo Giménez and Pere Altamira

Best sound for Daniel Fontrodona, Oriol Tarragó, Marc Bech, Marc Orts


6 The Laws of the Border by Daniel Monzón

Best adapted screenplay for Daniel Monzón, Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Best Original Song Composers: Alejandro García Rodríguez, Antonio Molinero León, Daniel Escortell Blandino, José Manuel Cabrera Escot, Miguel García Cantero

Best New Actor for Chechu Salgado

Best Art Direction for Balter Gallart

Best Costume Design for Vinyet Escobar

Best makeup and hairstyling for Sarai Rodríguez, Benjamín Pérez, Nacho Díaz