Mandatory for companies and legal entities

The Barcelona City Council has begun to incorporate ELECTRONIC NOTIFICATION as a form of communication with citizens. It is mandatory for companies and legal entities and voluntary for natural persons. The implementation will be in a staggered manner from October, and the first thing that the administration has notified electronically is the settlements to all legal persons, entities, professional associations, and legal representatives.

The Municipal Institute of Finance has carried out a communication campaign to inform the affected subjects of the electronic notification.

To receive the notification, if you have one, it is necessary that you have made the registration in the census of electronic notifications, and that your email or mobile phone is on the database. You can access via the digital certificate through

Taxpayers with electronically notified settlements who are registered in the census, but do not have an informed email address or mobile phone, will not receive any mail informing that they have a settlement at their disposal. And consequently, they will not make the payment in the corresponding period, passing this liquidation directly to the executive route.

On the website, you have all the information and instructions to register for the census, check notifications, etc.

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