Procedure available from June 7 of 2023

On December 27, 2022, the Barcelona City Council approved updating the tax ordenances for 2023. In terms of filming, the reference tax Ordinance is 3.10, which regulates the fees for private or special use of the municipal public domain and the provisioning of other services.

The Ordinance provides for a 90% reduction in the fee for the Occupation of public roads due to filming and, or photography, both of cultural or non-commercial nature. If you want to obtain the reduction, it must be authorized. For this reason, you must make the application through the corresponding procedure. You will find it on the Procedures Portal of the Barcelona City Council, following the assumptions made explicit in Article 8.4.

This fee reduction will apply to new requests for cultural filming (non-commercial) from July 7 of 2023. The process must be completed one month in advance and will be available as of June 7.

Productions that have started occupying public spaces for non-commercial filming -included in article 8.4- prior to the date of application, will enjoy free taxes until the end of the started production.

We remind you that schools, institutions (Generalitat, State, Town Halls...), Public Televisions, NGOs, public/mixed Foundations, students, political parties in electoral campaigns are exempt from paying the occupancy tax.

You can consult the ordinance here (text only in catalan).

You can request a reduction in the rate for non-commercial filming in this link. If you have any questions, you can write to the email

Check how to request the reduction here.

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