Open call for the first LAAB


Laboratory of audiovisual adaptations of Barcelona

The LAAB is a laboratory for the adaptation of literary works edited and published for the audiovisual sector linked to the city of Barcelona, ​​promoted by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona through the Barcelona Film Commission.

The objective of the initiative is to promote the acquisition of intellectual property rights of literary works. By producers or programmers of the audiovisual sector for multiple production proposals and distribution windows. The format of the Laboratory consists of the promotion and analysis of literary works prepared for the audiovisual market and the incentive of its adaptation process.


It works as follows:

If you are the holder of the rights to adapt to the audiovisual of an edited literary work and want the work to be adapted, you can introduce yourself. The LAAB helps you with your program where specialists in the analysis of audiovisual works will analyze the characteristics of 30 works with the capacity to be adapted. If you sign up for the call and you are chosen, yours may be one. Six of these works will have an economic aid of 5,000 euros to facilitate the first version of the script.

The LAAB will organize an event where all the works analyzed will be presented to the representatives of the audiovisual sector with the capacity to lead its development: producers, antennas, scriptwriters. A pitching of projects that have financial assistance to these representatives will be installed and the environment will be created to create the connections and convert them into audiovisual works.

The call opens on January 1st and closes two months later, february 28th.


You can check the call and submit your application at the following link.

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