A fiction series from TV3 and Abacus

Set in a summer camp, Jo mai mai has music in Catalan as one of the main elements. The cast is Clàudia Riera as the monitor and the youngsters Jan Buxaderas, Berta Rabascall, Imèn Akandouch, Maria Morera, Joel Cojal, Biel Rossell, Aleix Otem, and Zoe Arnao.

This series is a transmedia fiction project. It will premiere in 2024. It is for a young and family audience. The TV3 series, in collaboration with Abacus, consists of eight 45-minute episodes.

Fiction deals with the first times that mark life but wants to reflect the generational clash between parents and children. Explore those universal feelings that affect all ages: fear, joy, and surprise caused by changes.


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