General permission

Conditions to which this authorization is subject

  • This authorization will be maximum for 30 consecutive days.
  • The time for granting this authorization shall be from 08:00 to 22:00 h.
  • The material authorized will be only camera and tripod.
  • The total of people on the team may not exceed 10 people, including cast and crew
  • This authorization is valid only on public roads of Barcelona (streets and squares) and is not valid in the following zones: Port Vell, Port Olimpic and Autonomy, municipal parks and gardens, beaches of Barcelona and enclosures managed by B:SM (Forum, Zoo, Olympic area, Tibidabo). Contact information for shooting at these spaces are in the Locations Directory.
  • This license is invalidated when match an authorization for the occupation of public roads in a particular location.
  • Not Disturb at any time pedestrian or vehicular traffic, as well as the normal activity of shops, resorts and other places to develop their business in the streets of Barcelona.
Production data

Place the Registration Number of production for which you are requesting this permission. The Registration Number of production is a required information for the application of any filming permission and granted as a result of a production registration. You can register your production from the production registration form

Days the general permit is requested
Indicate what period of days you need permission, maximum 30 days.
Number of people involved in the shooting
Contact information
Additional information
Specify number of cameras, tripods, lights, props, traveling size, size of the crane, generator set, or other special requirements

The production company agrees to indemnify the owner of the property for damages that may occur. The production company is the only and absolute liable for any claim, judgment or process for personal injury or property occurring or arising from the exercise of the activities of the applicant, his employees or others. Must respect the bylaws in all films and photo shoots considering also the special protection of historical and artistic buildings, parks and gardens. Must submit a synopsis of the scenes you want to shoot. This contract may be revoked at any time. Barcelona Film Commission must appear in the credits of the production. Be notified on the day of the release and distribution. Should be handed a copy of the production file.