13 dies d'octubre

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TV Movie
Carlos Marques-Marcet
Production Co.: 
Televisió de Catalunya, Batabat SCCL i Lastor Media, SL
Carles Martínez, Òscar Muñoz, Clara Segura, Josean Bengoetxea, David Marcé, Sergi Torrecilla, David Vert, Francesca Piñón, Jordi Llovet, Jordi Figueras, Maria Rodríguez, Boris Ruiz, Màrcia Cisteró, Meritxell Sastre

On October 3, 1940 Lluís Companys, president of the Generalitat in exile, is transferred and imprisoned in the Castle of Montjuic, awaiting trial. The Francoist authorities accuse him of promoting the killing of innocents and crimes of rebellion against the State. Companys, devastated, awaits the death convinced that this trial is a fallacy and that his conviction, a mere formality. But the lawyer and artillery's captain Ramon de Colubí, a convinced Francoist, who was assigned to be Companys' defense lawyer, tried that the word” justice” was not only a slogan of the regime, vacuous, and does everything that is in his hands to save Companys, despite the ideological differences that separate them,  and the hate that he professes towards him.

Meanwhile the regime tries hard to hide the process, to make a fast trial and execute him without making too much noise, to prevent it from becoming a martyr and a symbol for Catalonia. The lawyer Colubí, during the defense, he discovers the man hiding behind the politic; their dignity and strength. The Lluís Companys who for 13 days of October faces death with their circumstances, their fears and contradictions.