A comedy located in Vallvidrera

Sergi Cameron and Aina Clotet, who also directs with Mar Coll, have created this series. Aina Clotet herself and her partner, Marcel Borràs, are the protagonists.

This is not Sweden was born from the personal experience of Aina Clotet and Marcel Borràs, who lived in this neighborhood of Barcelona, sometimes called "the Sweden of Barcelona". There, some parents created a school for fathers and mothers who did therapy with a psycho-pedagogue.

In this article, we review the locations of the 3Cat series in Barcelona. The locators were Jordi Parera and Marc Clotet. Attention before reading! If you haven't seen the series, there may be spoilers.

Chapter 1. The change

Mariana (Aina Clotet) and Samuel (Marcel Borràs) have moved with their children to a new neighborhood, where they find a like-minded community, and a role model in their admirable Swedish neighbor. They have even organized parenting therapy until tragedy hits the community. A neighbor's son commits suicide.

The episode begins with the family dog entering the house from the garden and waking up the eldest daughter, Lia (Violeta Sanvicens). Her father, Samuel, goes to see her. Mariana, meanwhile, is in the desert in another country, recording a video. She has a company that sells rugs made by women from Morocco. In the credits, we see the couple and two children moving from a house in the city from Gracia and how they drive by car to their new home in Vallvidrera. We can see the Sagrada Familia and the Montjuic Tower. The new house is at 17 Pelfort Street.

Samuel takes Lia to school. They walk through several streets around his house in Vallvidrera. He meets Roberta (Marta Bassols) and Elena (Lis Moreno), two mothers, at the school door and tells them that the next day is their parents' school at his house. Annika (Liv Mjönes), a Swedish neighbor, arrives. Annika's house is on Llebrencs Street.


At night, Mariana arrives by taxi at her house and talks on the phone with her partner. Before entering the house, she knocks on the neighbor's door.

The next day, we can see an image of the Collserola Tower and the Funicular that goes up and down and some panoramic views of the city.

Mariana explains Rachida's rug and its meaning to the person in charge of an art gallery. They are in La Galería by Lastcrit (Méndez Núñez, 7). Later, we see Mariana on the street talking on her cell phone, and a person with a scooter almost runs over her when she is crossing. It is on Casp Street, between Girona and Bruc. Meanwhile, Samuel is at the pediatrician's with Max. They are in the Vallvidrera CAP on Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, 2.

Mariana returns home on the Funicular. She carries the carpet samples. Later, we see her leaving the stop. You can see a panoramic view of the city with the sunset, the Collserola tower, and suddenly, some wild pigs rummaging through the garbage bags.

Mariana and Samuel are shopping at the supermarket. The interior is the Crespo Supermarket in Vallvidrera Square, 4. When they leave, Mariana goes to pick up Lia from school, and Samuel stays at the door. The exterior is the Condis supermarket (Elisa Moragas i Badia, 1-3).



Mariana runs down the street to get to school on time. She sees Annika passing by on her bicycle. They are on Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, at number 38. The Nabí School is where Lia goes. You can see Mariana running up and entering the school.


Chapter 2. Fear

We see Mariana and her daughter walking from school to home through the mountains, and a woman on a bike almost runs them over. They are at the end of Llebrencs Street on the corner of Llicorella Street, at number 8. Later, we see her at the funicular stop waiting, sitting on a bench.

Mariana joins the AFA to solve the issue of the fallen tree in the schoolyard. She goes to meetings at school. A landscape services van arrives to remove the fallen tree from the yard.

Later, we see Mariana's car going down the road and an image of the city in the background. She has to return to Barcelona for work. We see the cars at the city's entrance. Mariana goes to a studio where they take photos of her rugs. This studio is in the Vallvidrera Market (Elisa Moragas i Badia, 2). She then returns home by car and talks on the phone with her husband. You can see the Collserola Tower in the background.

Later, we see Mariana driving through the streets at night. Her sister has told her that her mother is in the hospital. They have taken her from the residence where she lives. We see her quickly entering the hospital door. These scenes are in the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona.



Chapter 3. The limits

Mariana and her sister Sandra (Anna Moliner) go to the Vallvidrera Reservoir. They talk about their children's education.

The children go to camp for a day with the teacher, Blanca (Nuera Navas). Mariana has volunteered. The parents say goodbye to them on the bus from school. They are in front of the green recycling point at Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, 29-31. Then, we see the children singing inside the bus on the way to the colonies. They are on the swamp road and the BV-1462.

Children take a guided tour of the CRAM, the marine animal recovery center in Prat de Llobregat. Then they sleep at the camp house, Mas del Bosc at Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Later, we see cars on the street in Barcelona. Sam drinks at a bar with an acquaintance, Pablo (Enric Auquer). They are at the Princesa Sofia Hotel (Gran Hyatt Barcelona. Pius XII Square, 4). Mariana arrives home, and Frida (Ia Langhammer), Emma's grandmother (Katia Voronina), and Annika's mother come to see her. Her father-in-law Antonio (Tomás del Estal) is at home. He is taking care of Max.

Chapter 4. Sex

In this chapter, Mariana and Lia hand out invitations for the opening of her carpet exhibition. They arrive at the house of Laura (Nausicaa Bonnín). Later, we see a night image of the Collserola Tower.

Sam is in the park with Max, who has fallen and hurt himself. They are in the park behind the Vázquez Montalbán Civic Center. He goes to the Vallvidrera CAP to see the doctor.

Mariana is in the exhibition hall preparing everything for the opening. Her sister visits her. Sam works in a cafe on the computer while his father takes care of Max. This cafe is in the Princesa Sofia Hotel.

Mariana is at Roberta's house trying on clothes for the inauguration. This house is on the Vallvidrera road, 246. And then, the inauguration of the carpet exhibition is in the gallery (Méndez Núñez Street, 7). Later, she and Annika walk home. You can see Barcelona at night in the background.



Another day, Annika and Mariana board the funicular with the girls to go on an excursion. They go to Barceloneta beach. Emma and Lia play on the beach while Annika and Mariana talk.


Chapter 5. The family

In this episode, we see how Mariana picks up Lia at school, and they walk along Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, 29-31. Meanwhile, Sam goes to the therapist's office (Elisenda Pascual Martí), with whom they did the parenting school. It is a house in Vallvidrera (Turó Street, 1).

Then we see an image of snowy Collserolla. The whole family goes by car to pick up Mariana's mother, Marisa (Mabel Rivera). She lives in a residence. It is the Betània Residence (Avda. de Vallvidrera, 34)

Sam, Lia, and Max wait at the door. They are going to spend the weekend in town. They are in Sant Pere Molanta. There, they meet Nacho (Pol López), Mariana's brother. At night, she meets up with an old friend, Curro (Iván Massagué), and they go to a bar.


Chapter 6. Conciliation

Mariana visits a potential client for her rugs recommended by Annika, Oliver Karlsson (August Wittgenstein). They are in a hotel room. He is the owner of the hotel. Later, we see Mariana in the hallway making a voice note. They are at the Hotel Gran Hyatt Barcelona (Pius XII Square, 4).

Lia, Sam, and Max are in a park playing. It's the playground next to the civic center again. Mariana makes a video call from a cafe with a representative of a world craft fair in Brazil. It's La Malcriada Brunch (Ronda Sant Pere, 34).



Later, we see a general image of Collserola, another of Vallvidrera, and a wild pig walking down the street. Frida sees Samuel's father on the terrace of a cafeteria. They sit together. They are in the cafeteria of the Vallvidrera Civic Center on Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, 14-34. Afterward, Frida and Antonio sit on the ground next to the Vallvidrera reservoir and have a date.



Meanwhile, Mariana brings a new rug to Oliver Karlsson. They are in the lobby of the Gran Hyatt Barcelona Hotel (Pius XII Square, 4). At night, Sam goes to a party at a nightclub where he meets an acquaintance, Clàudia (Mia Sala-Patau). They are in Luz de Gas (Muntaner, 246). Then they are in a parking lot where he has left the car. It is the Odiseu car park at Travessera de Gràcia, 56.


Chapter 7. Self-knowledge

Sam and Mariana are talking in a coffee shop. They have an unfriendly conversation. It is the interior of the Vázquez Montalbán Civic Center Cafeteria on Elisa Moragas i Badia Street, 14-34.



We see a wild pig in front of the door of Mariana and Sam's house. Later, Sam is at another coffee shop in town with Max. There are many students, and Clàudia is there. It is the Café del Sandaru (Bonaventura Muñoz, 21). At the Parc Sandaru Civic Center.

Later, we see an image of the Collserola Tower from afar. Lia has disappeared, and her parents are looking for her. A group of parents and the teacher meet in front of the Civic Center to search for the girl. Mariana climbs the mountain to the Collserola Tower. We see her walking along Llebrencs Street on the corner of Llicorella Street, at number 8.


Chapter 8. Everything passes.

We see Mariana driving down the road towards the city. After that, we see the Meridiana at the Sagrera underground stop. Mariana picks up her children at the apartment of her father-in-law, Antonio. They are at Queralt Street, 4.

We see a group of children playing in the schoolyard. Lia is one of them. Mariana picks her up at school, and they ride on a bike. They find a wild pig on the street.

We see Sam working in a Call Center. It is his first day at work. Samuel works at a company called BcnTech Solutions. They are, actually, in the Intervento office (Almogàvers, 120).

Later, we see a Gothic street, Sant Pere Més Alt. Then, we see a real estate salesman with Samuel at the door of an apartment. They are on Victòria Street. Mariana comes running from Sant Pere Més Alt Street and finds them. They enter a flat. The interior of the apartment is at Reina Cristina Street, 7.

Mariana travels back to her hometown. She and her family are at church at a mass. In reality, this church is in the Betània residence in Vallvidrera.

Later, we see a night view of the city with the two towers in the background. They are the Mapfre tower and the Arts hotel. Antonio and Sam go out to a party at a nightclub for older people. They are back in Luz de Gas.

Sometime later, it is the neighborhood's Main Festival. There are tables full of drinks and food and a bar counter. We can see the children doing activities, an omelet contest,... They are in the park located on Elisa Moragas i Badia Street next to the Civic Center. And then there is a concert on the Vallvidrera esplanade.

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