A Netflix series

This series is based on a true crime, the crime of the Urban Police or the Crime of the Foix reservoir. They filmed in 2022 in our city. Jorge Torregrossa and Laura Mañá direct. The protagonists are played by Úrsula Corberó, Quim Gutiérrez, José Manuel Poga, Isak Férriz, and Eva Llorach, among others.

May 2017. The body of a man appears burned inside a car in the Foix reservoir in Barcelona. It's Pedro's body (José Manuel Poga), an agent of the Barcelona Police. The event quickly arouses the interest of public opinion, and even more so as the investigation reveals a network of toxic relationships, deception, violence, and sexual scandals involving Pedro and two of his police colleagues: his partner Rosa (Úrsula Corberó) and her ex-boyfriend, Albert (Quim Gutiérrez).

In this article, we review the locations of the series in Barcelona. Charlie Tello was the location manager. Jaume Jordana and Jordi R. Renom were the locators. Adela Robles and Nuria Andrés were location assistants, and Eduard López Gil was a location assistant. If you don't know the case or haven't seen the series yet, be careful! There could be some spoilers.


Episode 1. The swamp

The chapter begins with a car set on fire. Rosa is at home sending a message. Pedro answers her from a car parked on the street. Sílvia (Aina Clotet), Pedro's ex, calls from the police station because he hasn't gone to pick up his son from school. Rosa Peral's house was in Cubelles, but the one in the series is in Castelldefels.

Albert writes her a message from the gym showers, and later, we see him training. He is at the Gym Templum Bcn (113 Entença Street).



Albert and a colleague did a Breathalyzer test. They are part of the Barcelona Police force. They are outside the Can Tunis Promenade, at number 3. They see how some Mossos d’Esquadra cars speed by with their sirens sounding. Later, Albert is at his apartment watching television. The apartment is in the Aragó Passage.

Then, he leaves the house, gets on the motorcycle, and drives through the passage. He picks up Rosa at her house and talks to Rosa's father, mother, and daughter, Sofia (Guiomar Caiado). We see the motorcycle with the two of them circulating on the road. They arrive at a restaurant where they are celebrating a colleague's retirement. They are at the beach. It is El Portinyol restaurant in Arenys de Mar.

At the police station, they receive a call. have found a burned-out car in the Foix reservoir. There, they find a corpse. It is Pedro's body. The interiors of the police station are in the Torre Ponent in the Zona Franca. Police inspector Ester Varona (Eva Llorach) visits Rosa at her house.



Later, Rosa goes to the police station. The exterior is between the Levante and the Ponent Towers in the Zona Franca.

The funeral for Pedro is in a church. It is the parish of Sant Pere and Sant Pau in El Prat. Rosa drives by car with her daughter next to the beach in Castelldefels.

Albert and his companions have lunch in a bar. They talk about Pedro's death. They are in the Litoral bar (Mare de Deu de Port, 14).


Episode 2. Two Roses

We make a jump in time to the past. In a nightclub, Rosa dances like she goes go-go. There, she meets Javi (Isak Férriz), one of the security members. This nightclub is the Cocoa in Mataró.

We return to the present. Rosa picks up her daughter from school. A patrol car waits parked and follows her for protection while she drives. When she reaches the Dolphin Bridge on Olímpic Street in Sant Adrià, the patrol no longer follows her. Later, Rosa arrives with the car at Albert's apartment in Aragó Passage.

The inspector goes to Javi's house, Rosa's ex-husband. This house is in Alella. She questions him about what Rosa was like, and he remembers their relationship. We see both drive on motorcycles along A Street in the Zona Franca. Rosa works in an office. They visit a furniture store together and with their parents. They filmed this scene in La Garriga. We see her in the gym training, where she sees some police officers training. It is in Sant Adrià del Besòs. We see her on the floor of their flat with Javi. They assemble some furniture. This apartment is on República Argentina Avenue. Rosa arrives on a motorcycle where they do the tests for the local police. They are in the Belloch Park, in the Roca del Vallès.

Rosa patrols for the first time with Manu (Raúl Prieto) in Ciutat Vella. The car moves along Rec Comtal Street at number 4 and stops. Two homeless people fight on the right in Sant Pere Square. It is her first intervention. After that, at the police station, a colleague heals her hand, and Manu talks to her. Later, she dances at the disco with Manu, is the same disco where she danced before. The interiors of the scenes at the local police stations in Barcelona, where Rosa works, are in different locations from Mataró, La Roca, and Mollet del Vallès. Rosa asks for a transfer to another police station in the Zona Franca. We see her leaving the police station and greeting her colleagues. This police station is actually in Mollet del Vallès.

Rosa visits a colleague in the hospital who has just given birht. Then Javi arrives. This scene is in Manresa.

Rosa meets Albert at the police station. He will be her new partner. You can see an image of the Ronda Litoral and Colón Promenade at the height of the Moll de la Fusta. Rosa patrols with Albert. The tower of Jaume I can be seen in the background when they are inside the car. They stop on a street with old houses. They get out of the car. It is a pedestrian street. They reach a boulevard where there are some hawkers and make them flee. Then, they find themselves on a small street. These scenes with the hawkers are on Pere III Promenade in Manresa and its surroundings.


Episode 3. The fall

Rosa is giving birth to her daughter. This scene is in Manresa. Albert writes to Rosa from the gym while she is in the hospital. Later, they pay tribute to Pedro in the place where they found him in the Foix reservoir. Albert and some colleagues have lunch at Bar Litoral. We see the exterior of the bar and the interior.

The inspector and her partner Eduard (Pep Ambròs) continue investigating at the police station and interrogating the suspects.

We leap to the past. Rosa and Javi celebrate their wedding. Meanwhile, Albert is at a club partying. It is the same nightclub where they filmed the scenes with Rosa in Mataró.
Then we see Rosa and Albert. They are inside the patrol car in the Miramar Gardens area with the Armada Square. They start chasing by foot some hawkers who sell their merchandise in the area. The hawkers flee in all directions. A homeless man who lives there argues with them and wounds Rosa with a knife.



Albert manages to subdue him, putting handcuffs on him. The homeless man, with sudden movements, tries to flee and, in a strange movement, falls from the wall to the ground, in a fall of more than 4 meters. When he falls, he hits his head, causing his death instantly.

We return to the present. Inspector Varona interrogates Albert at his house. Sellares and the inspector meet in a bar to talk about Albert; he leads the internal investigation into the homeless man's death. They are at Bar Andorra (Sant Pere Més Alt Street, 74). They speak at the door of the bar while he smokes.

Albert talks on the phone while he walks. He is in the Tibidabo park. There, he meets Rosa. They are on the carousel. Later, Albert and his companions are in a bar playing table football. Rosa is at the bar. It's the Litoral Bar again. Outside, Rosa meets another companion, Pedro. He is on his motorcycle. There is a churro stand. He eats the churros and offers them to her. They talk. They know each other only by sight.


Episode 4. Christmas

Albert and Rosa are walking through the police station parking lot and find a bouquet of flowers in the car. They filmed the scene in Mataró. Pedro writes to Rosa from his house while he is with his son and his wife. This apartment is on Bogatell Avenue. Rosa has dinner at home with Javi and her daughter. Later, we see her having pizza for dinner and watching a movie at Albert's house. Pedro and Rosa meet for dinner at a restaurant. It is the Vía Veneto Restaurant on Ganduxer Street, 10.




Inspector Varona questions several of Albert and Rosa's colleagues about their relationship. One of these companions, Juanjo (Alfons Nieto) patrols with Albert. They are filling up the tank at a gas station, and he explains the interrogation. In this scene, they are in Sant Pere de Ribes. Not in Barcelona.

We see a general shot of the exterior of the Levante Tower and the Ponent Tower on the Zona Franca promenade. They are the offices of the Mossos de Esquadra Headquarters in the series. Rosa is in front of the building with her car, on Foc Street, at number 77. She receives a call from Albert, and then we see her walking towards the buildings. The inspector sees her walking from the window. Next to Rosa there are some skaters in the skatepark.

Pedro and Néstor (Sergi Cervera), a companion, ride a motorcycle along the road. They prepare a control and talk to each other. They are on the road from Horta to Cerdanyola, the BV-1415. A motorcyclist passes the checkpoint without stopping. They're chasing him. Pedro attacks the motorist who has skipped the checkpoint.

Rosa and Pedro find themselves in an abandoned parking lot. There are no more cars, and they talk. It is the parking lot on Litoral Avenue, 110-118. We see a night view of the city, with the Sagrada Familia and the two towers in the background. Pedro has taken Rosa to the Mirador de Horta (Horta to Cerdanyola road, 68). We see Albert training to fight in the gym. He is back at the Gym Templum BCN.



Rosa and Albert ride a motorcycle along a road during the day. They meet to talk on the Mülberg Bridge. She waits on the motorcycle without a helmet when Albert arrives. They leave, and we see an aerial image of the city at night.


Episode 5. Love

Rosa celebrates Three Kings Day with Pedro. Albert arrives at his house on a motorcycle and sees them together. He leaves. He is driving at full speed down Street A of the Zona Franca. Later, Albert talks to his brother, who comes to see him at the police station. They're outside in the car zone. His brother was in prison and just got out.

Inspector Varona and her companion talk while walking through the square in front of the Ponent Tower, where the police station is. Meanwhile, she talks to Rosa on the phone. Rosa takes her daughter to Tibidabo Park. We see them in the Diavolo attraction.

Rosa takes the girl to Javi's house and leaves her at the door with him and her new partner, Carmen (Meritxell Calvo). Pedro and his partner ride a motorcycle along the road to the Mirador de Montbau at the Horta to Cerdanyola road. They stop for lunch, and Pedro asks him to be his godfather. Meanwhile, Rosa secretly sees Albert. She parks the car in the Aragó passage. She tells him that she will marry Pedro.

Albert meets to have coffee with his brother at Bar Litoral. We see the outside with a couple of patrol cars, and then they talk inside.

Rosa is with her friends on a terrace. Albert arrives and leaves her a ring box on the table. They are at a table on the terrace of the El Cinco restaurant on Plaza de Joan Llongueras, 5.



You can see the skaters in the Skatepark in front of the Ponent Tower again with an aerial view. Inspector Varona is in her office talking on the phone. We can see the exterior from the Ponent Tower offices.


Episode 6. The Impossible

Albert imagines fighting with Pedro in the gym ring. We see Albert and Rosa in prison. Albert's prison is in the Terrassa Audiovisual Park. Rosa's prison was in a closed school in Caldes de Montbui.

The trial begins for Rosa's sexual photos. These scenes are inside Fira Montjuic on Rius i Taulet Avenue, 12.



Albert and his partner Juanjo have lunch at Bar Litoral. And he asks what people say about him.

We can see an aerial view of the Tibidabo Ferris wheel with the city in the background. Albert and Rosa talk on top of the Ferris wheel.


Episode 7. Face to face

It's Saint Jordi. Pedro, Rosa, and some friends walk along the Ramblas. These scenes were not on Las Ramblas but on Pere III Avenue in Manresa.



We make a jump in time. Rosa is in prison. She is watching the news about her with some companions. In the news, they say she accuses Albert of being responsible for the crime. Meanwhile, Albert meets with his lawyer. Afterward, the two go to Rosa's house to reconstruct the events.

Rosa arrives at the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. They recreated it in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona at 143 Casanova Street. There are dozens of journalists and curious onlookers waiting for her outside. The police inspector, Eduard, gives an interview on a television at the door. He then speaks with Inspector Varona.



They recreated the interiors of the courtroom at the Fomento del Trabajo headquarters on Via Laietana, 32.



The prosecutor (Pablo Derqui) calls Juanjo, Albert's former patrol partner, to testify. He explains a conversation they had. They had gone to the Zona Franca for a homicide. We see them in an interior patio as they take the body away, and the two talk in the street next to some stairs. You can see some mossos in the background. They are on Colonia Bausili street.


Episode 8. May 1, 2017

Rosa and Albert go on the roller coaster in Tibidabo Park (even though they say they went to Por Aventura). Later, Rosa sees a chicken roasting on a grill. She is in the supermarket with Pedro, they are shopping. They leave in the shopping center parking lot. These scenes are in Manresa. Later, they spend a day at Pedro's tower.



The witnesses recall the events. The inspector explains the night of Pedro's death. Albert goes from his house to Rosa's house. He says that he lives in Badalona and Rosa in Cubelles. We see Albert riding a motorcycle through the Rondas. We see him in the Ronda Litoral and the Ronda de Dalt. He drives at full speed.

Rosa goes to the car repair shop where Pedro has to go. She goes when the shop is closed. It is a workshop in Gavà.

Meanwhile, Albert leaves a parking lot in the Aragón passage, and we see him stopping at a gas station. He fills up some gasoline cans. This gas station is in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.