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In the first season, we saw a group of young people invited to an exclusive party on a remote island. But this paradise, in reality, hid dangerous secrets. In the second season of Welcome to Eden, we find ourselves on the island again. Zoa is trying to escape, and Gaby enters the island to find her sister.

Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fité direct again. Brutal Media is the production company for Netflix. Stars Amaia Salamanca, Amaia Aberasturi, Lola Rodríguez, Berta Vázquez, Begoña Vargas, Sergio Momo, Guillermo Pfening, Ana Wagener, Albert Baró, Tomy Aguilera, Ana Mena, Belinda Peregrín, Diego Garisa, Dariam Coco and Berta Castane. And this season, Carlos Torres, Nona Sobo, and Lucía Guerrero join the cast.

In this article, we visit the locations in its second season in our city. Only the episodes where Barcelona appears. You can read the article we did on the first season here. Even though most of the series shots are in Lanzarote, some scenes are in Barcelona. The locations manager has been Martí Marcos Garcés, the location's assistant Neus Casajoana Byrne and the locations assistants Raquel Marqués Armengol and German Bergué. The localizer in Barcelona has been Jaume Jordana. Attention! There are some spoilers, do not read this article if you have not seen the series yet.


Episode 1. Hell

At the end of the first season, we saw Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) trying to flee the island. She now sees how her sister Gaby (Berta Castañé) arrives on the island and decides not to leave. Charly (Tomás Aguilera) flees to the boat.

África discovered a secret place under the house of Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) and Erick (Guillermo Pfening) on the island. This is at the BCN Supercomputing Center (Jordi Girona, 29). She is now held prisoner and uncommunicated in a room.

Mayka (Lola Rodríguez) is in the computer room while she talks to Astrid about the two new girls, Som and Gaby. Gaby is pretending to be Molly.



Episode 3. Committee

The committee meets to decide what to do with Africa and Charly. Meanwhile, Ibón's father (Diego Garisa) meets with Detective Brisa (Ana Wagener) at his office in Barcelona. We can see the Agbar Tower and the Sagrada Familia from the window. Later, Brisa is in her loft. She calls Zoa and Gaby's mother, Roberta (Blanca Romero). Roberta is in her apartment (Méndez Núñez, 1). She tells her that she feels watched. A car has parked for days in front of her house. She looks out the window and sees a man looking up from the driver's window.

Later we see Roberta as she leaves the house with a suitcase and catches a taxi. She is at Ronda Sant Antoni, 51. The man who watches her is sitting in his car. When she leaves, he enters the apartment and searches for it.

When he leaves the apartment, going down the stairs, he bumps into a woman. She is the detective with shopping bags in her hands. She pretends to be a neighbor. We see him go out the door at number 49, Ronda Sant Antoni. He crosses the street and gets into his car to drive away. Brisa follows him in her car.

Episode 5. The new Eden

We jump back in time to 2014. You can see a house and a child playing on the patio. There is a pool. It is Astrid's house and her father's. Later, Astrid's father and her son are driving down the road in a car. A biker tries to kill him, and they have an accident.

We see a castle on a snowy mountain in Montreux, Switzerland. Astrid contacts Sisuk via videoconference. He is Som's father. She accuses him of killing her father. All these scenes are not in Barcelona.



Astrid goes down to the computer room, again the BCN Supercomputing Center (calle Jordi Girona, 29).


Episode 6. About the stars

África and Erick go back down to the computer room.



Brisa meets Charlie's brother, Luis, at his house. They are at the Brooklyn Loft at Consell de Cent Street, 401. A man walks in and tries to kill them. Brisa chases him and finds him under a highway bridge.



Episode 8. First Contact

We are in the industrial area of the Zona Franca at night. Brisa meets three other people, Coral, Alegre, and Javi. They are in a little crowded area to carry out a plan to get to Eden. They are on 43 Street of the polygon. Then we see them driving two cars down the road.

We see scenes of Astrid's father's car accident. We discover who caused it. One of the guards (Lucía Guerrero) goes down to the computer center, again the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.



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