We visited the locations of the film 'My Loneliness Has Wings' in Barcelona


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Actor Mario Casas directed his first film. My Loneliness Has Wings is also co-written by Casas with Deborah François and stars his brother, Óscar Casas, along with newcomers Candela González and Farid Bechara. The film, set in the neighborhoods where the director spent his childhood, follows a group of kids who live on the edge and dedicate themselves to robbing jewelry stores until a robbery goes wrong and they flee. My Loneliness Has Wings is a Nostromo Pictures production with the participation of Netflix.

Filming began in Barcelona on October 17, 2022, and lasted seven weeks in Barcelona and Madrid. Many parts that are supposed to take place in Madrid, were filmed in Barcelona. In this article, we review the locations of the film in our city. Gisela Sans was the location manager in Barcelona. The assistants were Ana Crillo and Pep Murell. The location assistant, Patricia Moral Abad, and the location reinforcement, Oriol Armangué and Lara Purcalla. Beware of spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet.

The film begins with a car slammed against a blind and three people leaving the establishment and getting on a motorcycle. They flee down the street and turn right at the first corner. These scenes were filmed in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat. They hide the vehicle in a warehouse and go to a nightclub. They are Dan (Óscar Casas), Vio (Candela González) and Reno (Farid Bechara).

After the party at the nightclub, the three of them are smoking while sitting in an open field overlooking the city as daylight sets in. In this scene, they are at Prats de Rei, 4. Dan is left alone. He then walks down the street, already during the day, with shopping bags in his hand until he reaches the entrance to his house. This portal is in Sant Adrià de Besòs, in the La Mina neighborhood. The interior of the apartment where Dan lives with his grandmother is in Barcelona, on Avenida República Argentina, 9.

Later, Reno meets Dan at the door of the latter's house. They go down another street where some people are sitting playing cards. These scenes are on Albania Street. They continue walking down another street while Reno sings a rap to Dan. Then they enter a supermarket where Vio works. This supermarket is in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Dan and Reno play baseball in a playground with the oranges they bought from the supermarket. Vio comes to look for them, and they leave together. This park is in Sant Adrià de Besòs.

At night, the three of them are standing on a railing at a level crossing while a train passes. They are on Santander Street at the height of Paseo de la Verneda. Then they walk along the tracks. They spray graffiti on parked train cars when two security guards arrive. They filmed these scenes in Madrid.



Later, Dan walks down the street, turns left, and arrives at his house. An ambulance is at the door. The burial of his grandmother is in the Montjuic cemetery. A police car arrives carrying his father (Francisco Boira), who is in prison. At night, Dan crosses a crosswalk. He sneaks into a building. It looks abandoned. He paints graffiti of some wings on the terrace. He is at the FX Animation School at 112 Pujades Street.



The next day, we see Dan walking down Albania Street and entering an open shopping center on Ferran Valentí Street, 12. He sits at a table to have a beer with Reno and Vio. Reno likes the waitress. They talk about robbing a jewelry store in Badalona. At night, Reno and Francesca (Rebeca Aliena), the girl he likes from the bar, dance at the Cachalote  (Lanss) nightclub. This place is in Hospitalet.



Later, when he arrives home, Dan finds his father there. He is not in prison anymore. Dan decides to leave, tired of his father, and we see him at the portal while he calls Reno. He goes up towards the open field with views of Barcelona in Prats de Rei. We see the portal of a building. Dan walks towards it. The portal is on Marsala Street, in St. Martí. Dan enters the portal. It's Vio's house. The interior of the apartment is in Hospitalet.

Finally, they decide to commit the robbery at the jewelry store that Reno proposed. At night, Dan, Reno, and Vio are stealing a car. A few meters away, they stop to steal a motorcycle. They head towards the jewelry store (13 Buenaventura Muñoz Street) and smash the car against the glass. In this scene, they drive around Buenaventura Muñoz Street until Pujades Walk, where you can see the Ciutadella Park area. Then they turn around and return to the same street where they made the robbery.

While they are trying to steal, the Police arrive and surround them. Dan hits one of the police officers, and he and Vio escape. They arrest Reno. We see Dan and Vio running along Paseo Pujades next to Ciutadella Park. Then they walk down a street, the two argue, and a neighbor yells at them from a balcony. In this scene, they are on Soria Street.

Later, they board a FGC train. They are in Hospitalet. We see them walking along Montgat beach. They have decided that they must flee. They travel in a coach. They stop at a service station. It is the Drac de Pallejà restaurant.

They arrive in Madrid, and we see them walking around the city. There, they go to several jewelry stores to try to sell the jewelry they stole. They don't want to buy them anywhere. In the end, Vio goes to a Compro Oro store. The interior is at Tells Joiers (Agriculture, 246) in Barcelona. At night, they go to sleep at a pension, Hostal Yesica. They filmed these scenes in Barcelona, but it's like they were in Madrid. They are on Puríssima Concepció Street, 10.

Dan can't sleep and goes out to the street. He walks towards Sancho Marraco Street. We then see him enter a building via the fire escape. He paints the graffiti of a snake on the terrace wall. He is at the FX Animation School at 112 Pujades Street.

The next day, they are at a flea market buying some panties. Vio saw an internet booth. The interior is in Barcelona in a booth on Avenida dels Quinze, 2. It is the Telecentro Córdoba. Then they buy some churros at a churrería. This Churrería Esteban and the square where they eat the churros are in a weekly market in Hospitalet.



They enter a fenced water amusement park. It is the Water World in Lloret de Mar. At night, they return to the hostel. Dan wants to buy weed from some guys in a square before they arrive. Vio goes towards the hostel. These scenes are in Madrid. When Vio is in the room, the Police knock on the door. Dan returns. We see him walking through Sancho Marraco. When he arrives at Puríssima Concepció, the Police are at the door.

At night, Vio and Dan enter an Asian supermarket. Although it represents that they are in Madrid, these scenes are in Barceloneta. They are at the Supermercado del Mar on 11 Miquel Boera Street. Dan fights with the grocery store clerk, and they run away. They stop to talk in an alley with graffiti. This last scene is indeed in Madrid.

Later, when Vio is sleeping, Dan returns to the building where he has painted the snake graffiti and set it on fire. During the day, he goes to look for her at the hostel. They get on a scooter and ride along Puríssima Concepció Street. 



The rest of the streets where they travel with the scooter are in Madrid. We see Dan and Vio sneak into a building by jumping over the fence. They walk inside the premises. This building is the Nave Bostik on Ferran Turné Street, 1-11 in Barcelona.



The rest of the streets where they travel with the scooter are in Madrid. We see Dan and Vio sneak into a building by jumping over the fence. They walk inside the premises. This building is the Nave Bostik on Ferran Turné Street, 1-11 in Barcelona.

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