Starring Raphaëlle Pérez

Adrián Silvestre directed the film My Emptiness and I in 2019, and it premiered in 2022 with success at various festivals and in movie theaters. Right now, you can see it on Filmin. The film stars Raphaëlle Pérez, Alberto Díaz, Marc Ribera, Isabel Rocatti, Carlos Fernández Giua and Carmen Moreno. And it explains the life of Raphi, a young, French, and a bit naïve woman. In Barcelona, she begins a forced gender transition and an arduous journey to find her identity. Based on the experience of the main character Raphaëlle Pérez, who is also co-author of the script, My Emptiness and I filmed in Barcelona. In this article, we review the locations of our city that appear in the film. Attention! If you haven't seen the movie, watch it before reading this article, as it may contain spoilers. The locations were in charge of the location manager Patricia Sánchez.

When the film begins, we see how Raphi visits a doctor. She is treating her at the Hospital Clínic (Villarroel, 170). As she walks out the door, we see her cross the street. After that, we see her working in the offices of a call center. They recreated the location in the Barcelona LGTBI Center (Compte Borrell, 22). From there, she calls her parents and tells them that the doctor has diagnosed her with gender dysphoria. When she returns home, to her shared apartment, at 246 Muntaner Street, her classmates have thrown a party. She locks herself in her room.


Another day, we see Raphi at the door of Turó Park (Avda. de Pau Casals, 19), and we see the monument to Pau Casals at the entrance. She enters, sits on a bench, watches the couples go by, and speaks via text message on her mobile.

Later, Raphi waits under an umbrella for a boy named Álex, a date. They are on Roc Boronat street with Dolors Piera square. We see a super island from Poble Nou. They walk along a path lined with trees in the Miquel Martí i Pol Gardens and then have a drink in a bar on the corner. It is the Red Café Cultural (Pere IV, 250). Later, we see Raphi in a class at the Bonasport gym (Vista Bella, 11).



On the following date, Raphi is in front of Casa Seat (Paseo de Gracia, 109). We see on the other side of the street the Palau Robert. They eat at the Arepamundi restaurant (C/Marina, 212). Later, they go out into the street.

At another moment, Raphi attends some Ivaginarium sessions with her director Tina Recio. In the afternoon, she goes to a friend's house. We see her ring the doorbell and enter the portal from the inside at Muntaner street.

During the day, we see Raphi in front of a bench on the street. She carries some paper bags from shops. Meanwhile, she receives mobile messages in front of a bike lane. She is on Enamorats street. Then we see a view of the Disseny Hub with the Agbar Tower in the background. Raphi is with a guy in the Disseny Hub cafeteria. They go up the escalators and visit the exhibition Clothed Body: Silhouette and Fashion (1550-2015).



Later, we see Raphi walking in front of the Trinidad Vella Civic Center. She meets there to talk about an exhibition in which she participates. You can see the cap grossos in the windows. That day she has dinner at the house of the boy she met at the Disseny Hub. You can see his terrace with views of Barcelona and the Torre Abgar in the distance. The next day in the morning, they walk down Enamorats street and get into his car. Then we see an image of the Isla de Mar buildings on Paseo del Taulat, 258, while they are driving. They visit a furniture store. It is called BD Barcelona Design (Ramon Turró, 126). After that, he leaves her at the door of the house. The scene is also on Enamorats street.

In another moment, it is the first day of the exhibition in the Civic Center of Trinidad Vella. Afterward, there is a party on a terrace. The next day we see Raphi sitting on an individual bench. In the background, you can see the Agbar Tower and a sports court in front of her. It is the Glòries Park. She stops a taxi in front of the Agbar Tower.

Another day we see Raphi walking through the park. She takes a photo of a couple and her daughter in front of a lake. It is again Turó Park. Later, she shops at the Ashley Moda store. She meets a date on the Rambla del Poble Nou. They are sitting on a bench in a small square near Pallars.



After work, Raphi has a drink at the Iôsif bar (Margarit, 27) with her co-workers. Raphi goes to a medical center. These scenes are in Innea (Maó, 19). And later, she rehearses a play at the Teatro Juventud (Juventud, 4) with the director. Towards the end, she meets a guy she already knows at a bar to have vermouth and talk. This scene is at the Bodega El Sidral (Dos de Mayo, 213). In the end, she acts in the play at the Teatro Juventud. And then they throw a party to celebrate.


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