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Although the film begins in Mexico, most of the plot is in Barcelona. They filmed in 2022. Fernando Frías de la Parra is the director, and they based the script on the novel of the same title by Juan Pablo Villalobos. It stars Darío Yazbek Bernal, Anna Castillo, Juan Minujín, Alexis Ayala, Natalia Solián, Clara Roquet, Jelen Garcia and Alba Ribó.

A young man who wants to be a writer travels to Barcelona to study literature. In the city he becomes involved in a criminal business. We review the locations of the film in Barcelona. Laia Farran is the location manager, Núria Andrés is the location assistant, Tony Medina is the location auxiliary, and Jordi Renom is the localizer. Be careful if you haven't seen the movie before reading the article because there may be spoilers!

In the beginning, we see a garbage truck taking a paper container to empty it. Some papers fall to the street. A homeless man walks by, finds a manuscript, and begins to read it. We are on Església Street, 6, and Asturias Street, 74. The homeless man reads the manuscript in the Poble Romaní Square.

The story begins in Mexico. We see the protagonist as a child and his cousins who are going home to watch a movie. Even though it is supposed to be Mexico, the house's interior is on Exposició Promenade, 115.

We make a jump to the present day in Mexico. Before, the protagonist, now older, goes on a trip to Barcelona to study at university. Finally, Juan Pablo, better known as JP (Darío Yazbek Bernal), travels to Barcelona, where he lives with his girlfriend Valentina (Natalia Solián) in an apartment shared with another man Facundo (Juan Minujín), who has a daughter. We see an aerial image while the camera goes out the window of his room. We can see Tibidabo, the Collserola Tower, and a panoramic view of Barcelona. The apartment is on República Argentina Street, but the portal is on Brusi Street, 36-38.

JP goes to school the next day, and we see him in class with his tutor. They are in the UPF Ciutadella building (Ramón Trias i Fargas Street, 25-27). We see him in the faculty library and the hallways, where he sees the poster for an exhibition by Joan Fontcuberta and tells Valentina to go together.



When he leaves his house for the exhibition, a bully named Chino (Xu Jin) asks him to go with him to a booth. The parlor scenes are in Nou de la Rambla and Riera Baixa Street. They go to the railroad. They walk down a street to the booth, where he talks to the lawyer (Alexis Ayala), who asks him to be interested in a classmate. Later, JP walks along Pujades Promenade and turns along Picasso Promenade to Foto Colectania (Picasso Promenade, 14). He arrives late, and Valentina gets angry.



Later, Valentina walks through the streets of Barcelona while she sends an audio note (she is on Vallirana Street, 7). Later, we see Valentina in the supermarket helping a woman. She is at Plusfresc on Teodora La Madrid Street, 21. At another moment, we see how Valentina meets Jimmi (Ivano Palatucci), an Italian. He lives on the street in Raspall Square. She goes to buy wine at a winery. It is the Antic Celler de Gràcia on Torrent d'En Vidalet Street.



JP is in a bar with his classmates, and Valentina has also gone. JP gets a phone call and goes out into the street. It is Bar Raïm 1886 (46 Progrés Street). Valentina leaves. She stops to pee at the door of a parking. She makes a video call. It is the Manhattan parking lot (425 Aragón Street). We can see the towers of the Sagrada Familia in the background.

We see JP in his new class. He has changed his tutor (Bruna Cusí), and there he meets his new classmate whom he has to follow by order of the Licenciado. Her name is Laia Carbonell (Anna Castillo). After class, JP follows Laia and her classmates. They leave the UPF building. They go down the stairs of the FGC and enter the train. They are at the Pàdua stop of the FGC of the Generalitat.



JP is studying in the UPF library. Chino is also watching him. He then goes to talk to Laia. Meanwhile, Valentina walks down the street at night and ends up at a bookstore. There is a presentation. She meets the writer, drinks, and they invite her to a party. The bookstore is the La Ciutat Invisible on Riera d' Escuder Street, 38.

Then, they are walking down the street outside the bookstore when she receives a call from her mother. Valentina moves to live in another apartment. The interior is on Reina Cristina Street. The portal, however, is on Arc de Sant Pau Street, 3. We see her walking at night along Fosc and Sant Pau Street.

JP meets one of the Licenciado's henchmen. They are at the Lleonès II restaurant on Nou de la Rambla Street, 120. Later, we see JP drinking a coffee with Laia in a bar. They are at Bar La Confitería on Sant Pau Street, 128.

We see Valentina walking down the street with Jimmi and her dog, who stops to pee. She listens to a message from JP inviting her to a party. They are on the Viladecolls descent.



Valentina and JP go to the party at Laia's apartment. The interior scenes in the apartment are on Zamora Street, and the portal is on Llull Street, 48. They go out and take a taxi.

Valentina walks Jimmi's dog, Hugo, to the entrance to her apartment. She walks along En Roig and Picalders Street. She and Jimmy smoke a cigarette and drink in the street. They are in Traginers Square with Hostal d' en Sol Street. Then we see Valentina as she leaves her house and calls from a booth on the street at night. She is at 36 Riera Alta Street. We see her walking down at night. We see a party in a rich building. It's Laia's family house. It is on Modolell Street, 23-27.

Another day, we see how a man walking a dog (Fredi Badell) surreptitiously follows JP and Chino as they walk and cross the road to a bridge. They are on García Faria and Bac de Roda promenades. They cross the Paseo Marítimo de la Mar Bella. JP meets with one of the characters, who is extorting him, the Licenciado because they have had problems. They talk at the Bac de Roda breakwater.



Laia and JP are in a bar. They meet the Licenciado, who pretends to be JP's godfather. This scene was at the Antúnez bar (Neptú Street, 18). Then they go to the house of Laia's father, Oriol Carbonell (David Bagés). This house is in Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Later, we see an abandoned place where the characters meet. Chino, el Licenciado, Ahmed (Nizar Mohammad Ali), and the protagonist are with another man. This place is on Aribau Street, 7. We see a character's mascot tied to a stick when they leave.



At night, we see JP in a public transport elevator. He leaves the Pàdua FGC stop on Balmes Street distracted. A car almost ran over him. While he is on the street, someone calls him on the phone. JP has a dream where he receives the Herralde prize. These scenes are in the Ona bookstore at 94 Pau Claris Street.



JP is going to file a complaint with the police station. These scenes are in the offices of Zeta Studios at Consell de Cent, 425. Later, we see Valentina working in a bakery cafeteria. She is on Àngels Street, 4, in Rabal.

El Chino is in a bar when they call him on the phone. Ahmed, Chino, and JP go with the dog on a funicular. There are views of the city. The funicular is in Singuerlín in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. They recreate the veterinarian on the ground floor of the Zeta Studios offices.



Valentina and Jimmy are in the Raspall Square when the police stop them. The police officer gives her card to Valentina after her.

El Chino, JP, and Ahmed are at Ahmed's apartment and talk to the Licnciado on the phone. The apartment is on Reina Cristina Street.

JP and Chino go by train to see the Licenciado, who lives in an apartment by the coast near Barcelona. JP walks through a park. There is a wooden observation point. He runs down a street of narrow stairs. El Chino chases him. Under a train bridge, he talks on the phone with the Licenciado. He is on Buenos Aires Street, 6, in the Licendiados's apartment. You can see a view of the city in the distance with the towers of St. Adrià. All these scenes are in Montgat.



Valentina meets Laia (Mima Riera), the police officer. They are at a playground. Valentina babysits JP's roommate's daughter. They sit on some stairs, and Laia reads the manuscript. He talks to her as she leaves and disappears when a garbage truck passes. They are in the Nord Square.

There is an act for missing persons where the girl's father and the JP's mother participate. This act is at the Hotel Urpí in Sabadell. Later, JP's mother meets with Laia Carbonell in a bar. There is a cafeteria in the same hotel. Afterward, she walks through the city in the Àngels Square in front of the MACBA, where she meets Laia, the police officer. She throws the manuscript into a container.


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