We visited the locations of 'Bojos per Molière'


A TV3 series

Héctor Lozano, creator of Merlí, and the production company Veranda have shot this series for the regional channel in Barcelona. It is an eight-part choral comedy-drama set in the world of theater.

The protagonists are Albert Salazar, Ferran Rull, Elisabet Casanovas, and Marc Balaguer. Barcelona in 1997. The protagonists are young people between 18 and 25 who are beginning to study dramatic art at the Barcelona Theater Institute. In this article, we review the locations of the series in Barcelona. The location manager has been Jaume Jordana, and Mariana Castellano has been the head of locations. Unai Zorrakino and Elisabet Muñoz were the location assistants and Pol Carreras reinforcement of locations. Be careful! If you have not seen the series, the article may contain spoilers.

Chapter 1

Six young people take the entrance exams to the Theater Institute. They don't know each other yet but will be classmates for the next four years. The one that will have a more difficult time will be Kàtia (Elisabet Casanovas), who presents a puppet exercise.

In the first scene, we see the curtain of a theater with people sitting. Behind the scenes, a character/author rehearses. They are about to raise the curtain. Next, we see the street, the same blind character (Jordi Martínez) is at the door of the Theater Institute (Sant Pere Més Baix, 7), now the headquarters of the Espacio Francesca Bonnemaison, which was the headquarters of this institution for years. Much of the action in the series takes place in this building.

They are at the entrance exams for the 97-98 academic years, and we see the hall and the classrooms where the students do their interviews. A boy, Eloi (Ferran Rull), has an interview with two teachers to do directing, and a girl, Júlia (Martina Roure), has another one with other teachers. She has to present a monologue that she has not prepared. We see the students coming down the stairs of the building.



Eloi returns home. He lives in Sabadell. He is at night, and we see him walking down the street. He leaves the house at night to look for something in the garbage cans. This is not Sabadell, is Matadepera.

Another of the students, Ferran Bonamusa (Albert Salazar,) is also taking the entrance exams. Everyone knows him. He is the son of a well-known actor, Arnau Bonamusa (Pere Arquillué). Eloi enters a prop room. There meets another student,

Rem (Alejandro Bordanove). Ferran arrives at the theater where his father is representing Macbeth. He has a small role. The theatre is in Badalona.

Ferran is in one of the classrooms with Kàtia (Elisabet Casanovas). They fight over space. Afterward, everyone does their final monologues.

In the interior courtyard of the Theater Institute, they welcome the people who start the course this year. Arnau Bonamusa reads a text.


Chapter 2

The chapter begins with the character who plays the blind man preparing the next scene in the theater. Then we see him at the Teatre Grec (Paseo de Santa Madrona s/n). He goes downstairs and sits down. There is a choir like in classical Greek plays. They talk.



It starts to rain. We see a bar's door. Ferran looks out the window. He has coffee there with his father while they read the reviews of his Macbeth in the press. They are in the Marsella bar (Sant Pau, 65).

Ferran and Rem will present a comic scene in front of their classmates. Eloi will be its director. We see them rehearsing the scene.

Laura Fortuny (Carme Pla) looks through the corridors to the theater auditorium for Joan Ramon (Boris Ruíz). She then talks to her colleagues in the teachers' room so that they let Kàtia in. Some students interpret a scene. Katia sees it. Laura arrives. They go to the props room together. Kàtia enters the Institute as a puppet student.



The students are in a bar discussing an anecdote. They are in the Bare Nostrum (Consell de Cent, 384). Later, we see them at Kàtia's house preparing a party. Kàtia's apartment is on General Miter Street. Ferran eats with his father at home. Ferran's flat is on Trafalgar Street.

Rem and Eloi talk in the library about the scene with Ferran. From the window, you can see an industrial chimney. They are in the library of the Institut del Teatre a Terrassa.

Júlia rehearses with her amateur theater group at the Santa Eulàlia Cultural Center in Hospitalet.

Later, the boys go to a nightclub partying in costumes. Kàtia and Víctor (Marc Balaguer) dance to a song imitating the artists. Ferran and Kàtia talk at the bar. Then Rem and Ferran meet at the toilets. They are at the Otto Zutz Discotheque (Lincoln, 15).



At the end of the chapter, we see the blind character in the Teatre Grec again, this time at night. The choir dances on stage. The blind character is sitting in the stands.


Chapter 3

The episode begins with the blind character putting Arnau's coat on to go on stage. His son is waiting at the door of the Café Teatro. They are in the Tinta Roja (Creu dels Molers, 17). They enter the room to see Eugenio.

Kàtia, Rem, and Kàtia's father are having a drink at a bar. It is again the Bare Nostrum.



Arnau and Ferran have dinner after the show at the Marsella bar. There Ferran discovers that he does not have a ticket for the premiere of his father's play.

The next day Ferran is sitting in the lobby of the Institute. He sees how a teacher talks to Joan Ramon. The blind character is sitting next to her. They are on the wooden bench. Then he talks to one of the teachers, Gisela (Sandra Monclús), on the stairs of the Theater Institute, which are the stairs at the Francesca Bonnemaison Space.

Eloi goes to talk to Max (Guillem Balart), the teacher in the cafeteria. Ferran goes to Kàtia's house. He thinks the rest will be there, but they are alone. Eloi visits Rem at the butcher shop where he works. This shop is in Mataró.

Ferran meets the blind character on the street. They are walking through Sant Pere Més Baix.

Rem has dinner with her parents at a restaurant in Hospitalet. Meanwhile, it's the premiere of The Miser. Arnau Bonamusa has the leading role. The protagonists attend the theater.


Chapter 4

The protagonists talk in the school's locker room. They talk about falling in love. Arnau and Ferran have dinner again at the Marsella bar.

The students dance and sing in class as in a musical. We see the windows overlooking the interior patio.

Eloi arrives at the door of the Institute and meets the blind character who is selling a lottery number. He walks into the school lobby. Gisela and Rem talk in the corridors. Kàtia looks at the dance class from the door.

Kàtia and Ferran go to perfumery to look for scents for their puppet characters. They are in the San Remo Perfumeries (Rambla del Poblenou, 51). They walk out the door. We see them running down General Castaños Street and into Llevant Street.



Eloi goes to a gay bar and flirts with a guy named Guillem. This place is also Otto Zuzt.


Chapter 5

At the beginning of the chapter, Víctor, Júlia, Kàtia, and Ferran hang a poster for an anti-military demonstration.

We see the blind character again at the Greek Theater with the choir.

Ferran receives a notice from the Ministry of Defense: he has to join the military service immediately. He will do everything possible to save himself from the military. We see him running through a park to a Ministry of Defense building. He has had to do military service but wants to complain because he doesn't want to do it. He did not request an extension for studies. He forgot it.

Kàtia falls down the stairs at home and goes to the doctor. We see her in the waiting room and the doctor's office.

The students make a demonstration of insubordination and anti-military. They do it on Marquesa Street, 13. You can see the arch of the street. They simulate a draw for fifths for military service. They are detained and taken to the police station to testify.



Eloi goes to Rosario's house, the woman who cleans his house, to apologize. Rosario's apartment is on Agricultura Street.

Later, we see Kàtia walking at night through the Industrial School (Comte Urgell, 215). She walks through the entrance to the Paraninfo. There are some workers unloading bags from a car. She starts to dance.


Chapter 6

The boys play billiards at the Bare Nostrum while reading a review by Néstor Vives about a play. In the lobby of the Theater Institute, they play a prank on Néstor. Rem talks to Nestor from the courtyard windows. They help Kàtia's father to make a resume in their house.



Eloi meets Max in the Institute's library. Later he goes to see Eduald (David Selvas), a photographer friend of the family, in his studio. Even though they say it is in Sabadell, the studio is on Sants Street. It is the Daguerre Photographic Studio and the Auxiliary Space of the Secretariat of Sants-Hostafrancs entities.

Rem finds the blind character at the door of the Institute and helps him. Kàtia and Ferran have a drink in a bar, Bare Nostrum. Later, Kàtia meets Víctor and Júlia in another bar. They talk about the scholarship they have won. Nestor shows up at Rem's house.

Kàtia's father meets her at the bar. They talk about the job interview when his friends arrive.


Chapter 7

The blind character watches from the lights while they interpret. Kàtia has to go in, but she doesn't do it. She looks for the sandwich maker that she can't find. They are behind the scenes of the theater.

Ferran throws a party in his apartment. Rem is in a bar having a beer. Meanwhile, other people are watching football.

Kàtia and Eloi walk down the street and turn left. They talk about Ferran. They go to Rem's house. Júlia and Ferran take a motorbike down the same street but at night. They look for Ferran's father at the theater where he performs The Miser. All this happens on the corner of Marquesa Street and Ocata.



It rains, and Ferran and his father are in the Marsella bar. They see the rain from the door.


Chapter 8

The group is going to perform at a company dinner show. Everything seems to be going well until the owner hires them for the function. If they want to charge, they have to adapt to the demands of the public. A twist of fate causes everything to solve unexpectedly.

In the offices of Mr. Llorenç, of Llorenç frutas. They shot these scenes in the attic of the theatre in Badalona. Victor talks to the man about performing at the dinner show. He explains them to the rest in the school bar. This bar is at the Institut del Teatre a Terrassa. Eloi visits Eudald in his photoshop again.

The chorus of actors is back at the Teatre Grec doing a musical number as evening falls. They are sitting on the stairs while eating fruit.



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