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This series is fiction with autobiographical elements created by the sisters Joana and Mireia Vilapuig. Selftape is about two actresses who succeeded on television as children. Now, in their early twenties, they are looking for their place in the audiovisual industry and life in an uncertain context. Also starring Joana and Mireia Vilapuig, Bàrbara Farré directs this original series by Filmin.

Joana and Mireia Vilapuig has cowritten the series with Ivan Mercadé, Carlos Robisco, and Clara Esparrach. Mercadé and the Vilapuig sisters led the project also in executive production, together with Pau Freixas, Carlos Fernández, and Laura Fernández Brites.

They shot in Barcelona, and in this article, we review its locations in the city. The location manager was Carla Palomo, and the location's assistant was Raquel Marquès. Beware! There may be some spoilers.


Episode 1



In this chapter, we find out that Mireia lives in Oslo. We see her walking through the streets of the city. She arrives from an awards show where she has won for a series that she stars in there. When she gets home, she finds her things on the doorstep. Her partner has kicked her out. She calls a friend, Erik, and they meet at a bar. This bar scene is at Lancaster Street in Barcelona. Not in Oslo. Later, Mireia returns to Barcelona.



Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Joana is in a script reading for a series in which she is the protagonist. The director, Rubén (Marc Ribera), fired her on the third day. He now believes she is not suitable for the role. These scenes are shot in the old Akroll Industrial factory converted into film sets. It is on Corominas Street, 22 in Hospitalet.



Later, her friend Gina (Yolanda Sey) picks her up on her motorbike at the gate. They drive down the street. In this scene, they are on Alumini Street in Barcelona, in the Industrial Estate of La Pedrosa. Later, they go to a bar and meet there with some friends. They are in the Café Bar Mudanzas (Vidrieria, 15). When they finish, Joana walks down the street until she reaches the doorway of her house on Lluís Sagnier Street. There she finds her sister at the door of the apartment.



Episode 2

Joana wakes up at home. She listens to music outside her room. It is her sister. Later, she leaves home and meets with her agent, Ana (Abril Zamora). They are in some offices on Santa Teresa Street, 63, Mataró. In what was an old bank office, closed. Later, Joana performs a play with her friend Simó (Joan Esteve) for high school students. They are at the theater of the UAB.



Mireia does the casting for the same role in the series as her sister. We can see the casting, and then she is talking to the director on some metal emergency stairs while smoking. These scenes are also in Hospitalet. Later, we see Mireia walking down the street. She is on Paseo Picasso, at number 121.



At night, Mireia goes to Bar Mudanzas. Her sister and her friends are inside. In the street, she meets Simó, who comes out to tell the people outside not to make noise that bothers the neighbors. Mireia enters, and Joana tells her they better talk outside the bar. They leave on Bonaire Street and turn onto Pescadería Street. There, they have a discussion.

At the end of the chapter, we see Mireia ringing the bell in a portal. It's a friend's house, Nico. It is on Sant Antoni Maria Claret Street.


Episode 3

Mireia wakes up in a house. She has gone to a party, but she doesn't remember anything. She leaves the house and walks down a side road. Cars go by like on a highway. The house is on the Rambla de la Marina in Hospitalet.
We see Joana running. She exercises on the street, goes over the high bridge in the Willy Brandt square, turns to the right while running, and stops in front of a hotel. There she drinks a bottle of water. She is at the Princess Hotel Barcelona (Avenida Diagonal, 1).


Episode 4

Joana and Mireia try to record a selftape for Mireia. Later, Joana visits the office of a lawyer from Legales Abogados because of some images that appear on a web page. They filmed this scene at the Popular Library at Palau Street, 18, Mataró. Meanwhile, Mireia arrives at the place where the filming for the series is in the Terrassa Audiovisual Park.



Joana goes to an office of a Caja Loreto bank. It is also in Mataró on Santa Teresa Street, 63. Later Joana goes to see her friend Gina at the supermarket where she works. They are at the break at the door of the store. They are on Plom Street in Barcelona, in the Industrial Estate of La Pedrosa. Mireia returns by car from the shooting in Barcelona and drives a girl named Or (Camila Ruiz). They say they are more than 40 km from the city.

After arguing with Joana, Mireia leaves the house and makes a phone call from the door of a greengrocer. She is at Paseo de Maragall, 221.


Episode 5

Mireia and Joana go to their father's house, Eduard (Pablo Derqui). It is his birthday party. When they leave, they walk down the street. They sit at a bus stop. Then we see them on the bus back to Barcelona. They are in Sant Cugat.



Episode 6

Simó and Joana run down a street. They are on Acer Street and turn left on Plom Street. They go to a storage facility to look for some boxes in the Industrial Estate of La Pedrosa in Barcelona. The storage is Mister Trastero at Alcorcón Street, 28 in San Adrià del Besós.

Meanwhile, Mireia is cutting Or's hair while they rehearse the scenes from the series. They are in the Akroll in Hospitalet.

Joana arrives at the office of the director Valentina Sato, with whom she has an interview. The building is on Foc Street, 17 in Barcelona, in the Industrial Estate of La Pedrosa. Meanwhile, Mireia shoots a period scene. Later, the two meet on the street.


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