We visit the locations of the second season of 'Perfect Life'


The Leticia Dolera series

This Movistar + original series is created, starring, and directed by Leticia Dolera. Perfect Life explains the life of three friends María (Leticia Dolera), Cristina (Celia Freijeiro) and Esther (Aixa Villagrán), who is also María's sister. Three women who are around forty years old and in an existential crisis. The first season of the series shot in our city. The first season ended when Maria had just become a mother. She has now started a new life.

We can already see the second season on Movistar +, which also visited us during its filming. In this season, we will discover how things are going with motherhood for María. And also how the three protagonists face the challenges of their lives. We discover the places in Barcelona where they filmed. The locations were handled by art director Laia Ateca, production director Laia Gómez and Gisela Sans, as location manager, and Sofia Martínez Ganicheva as location assistant, with locators Jaume Jordana and Jaume Miró, responsible for the houses of the protagonists.


Episode 1. Cuando sí, pero no (When yes, but no)

The first chapter begins with María going to a department store to return a package, which turns out to be her son. It's a dream. She has landed in the reality of single motherhood. This logistics center is the company Ara Vinc in Hospitalet.



We see Cris having a coffee and eating a donut in a cafeteria while she listens to messages from María and Esther. When she leaves, she calls Maria on the phone while walking down the street. She is at the Dole Café, on Manuel de Falla street, 16. Later, she gets into the car pick Maria up. Juanito, María's son, has his first day of nursery, and Cris will accompany her to the Happy Way Les Corts Children's School on Vilamur street, 1.

Gary (Enric Auquer) is excited to go to Juanito's first day of kindergarten. We see him walking down the street to catch the bus. The stop where he is is Calabria with Mistral Avenue.

Later, Cris is at the gym. She is running on the treadmills and, the gym overlooks the street. Then her husband calls her on the phone. This gym was set up in an event room of the hotel (it is not the real gym of that hotel - since it was too small to shoot) and is in the Hotel Melià Barcelona Sky (Pere IV street, 272). Meanwhile, María returns to work after maternity leave at the dental clinic (Dentistas Miravé Co, Muntaner, 239).

Cris and her husband have decided to have an open relationship and go to a swinger house. It's the Oops! Barcelona Swingers Club Barcelona (Anglí street, 69). Later, we see them having a drink at a bar, also the Dole Café.



The next day, Cris and María go to dinner at Esther's house that lives with her new partner, Júlia (Míriam Iscla). We see them walking and ringing the bell at the portal on Major de Sarrià street.


Episode 2. Cuando intentas volver a empezar (When you try to start over)

This chapter begins when María visits a psychologist (Betsy Túrnez) because motherhood overcomes her. Then she goes to see her sister Esther who has changed jobs and no longer works at the wax museum, but at a cosmetics store called Fresh it's called Stick Art Studio Makeup Store and, it's on Trafalgar Street, 37.



Esther and her partner Júlia are going to line dance at a bar, La monopol on the Rambla de Poblenou, 74.

That night, Cris has a drink with a co-worker at a bar at the Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa (Trafalgar Street, 26). The next day, she and Maria go to a furniture store with the children. They want to buy a lamp. The store is Pilma Kartell at Santa Amèlia street, 37.

Later, María is walking down a street and meets Xosé (Manuel Burque). They stop at a traffic light. They are on Avenida del Parallel, 132.



Maria picks up Juanito from school and, at the door, she calls Gary on the phone. When we see him, he is on a break at the flower shop where he works (Garden Center Babilonia, on Calle de Santaló, 110).


Episode 3. Cuando quieres lo que no tienes (When you want what you don't have)

Júlia and Esther visit a farmhouse in Montseny to prepare for their wedding, Mas Collades farmhouse in Balsereny. Meanwhile, we see Gary on a break from work studying for his driver's license. Later, we see him at the driving school. He is taking tests and talking to his teacher. This school is in the Molins Civic Center, in Mataró.

At night, Júlia and Esther are having dinner at the line dancing center with the friends of Júlia, when María calls Esther and tells her that Xosé is offering her a job substituting in an art class.



The next day, we see how Cris leaves her house to take her daughter to school and, we see them getting into the car in the car park inside the Sants IMSA Car Park on Rector Triadó street, 100.

Gary and Xosé see each other at the center where the latter works, it's also the Molins Civic Center in Mataró. Afterward, we see Gary on the phone on the street as he leaves the center. Meanwhile, Maria and her son go to a baby course at the Penguins pool (Horaci street, 5). And Esther begins to give painting classes at the center where Xosé works.



Moni (Sara González Salces), Gary's partner, is in a bar with Esther after the painting classes. There, they explain to each other their love problems. They are in El Celler del Nou Priorat on Vallespir street, 19.

Cris goes to dinner at the apartment of the man she met in the first season at the cemetery, Àlex (Alejandro Tous). The one with the lighter. There are views of the city with the Agbar Tower in the background.



Episode 4. Cuando todo viene de lejos (When everything comes from afar)

In this chapter, Cris eats with her mother in a restaurant and, this is again in the restaurant of the Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa (Trafalgar Street, 26).

At night, we see Júlia walking down the street towards home while she listens to a message from Esther. She is walking on a bridge that overlooks the road where cars pass. She is on the Paseo de la Bonanova, by the bridge that crosses the Via Augusta.

In this chapter, Cris arrives in a taxi at the Sants station. She is going to a congress in Valencia. Cris is in a hotel in Valencia, but it is the same Hotel Melià Barcelona Sky where she went to the gym in the first episode.

That same night, Júlia goes to a party with Esther and her friends. They are in the Parque de la España Industrial. The next day, María rents a car at the Avis Budget Sants to go on a trip, it is at Rector Triadó street, 104.


Episode 5. Cuando te pierdes en el bosque (When you lose yourself in the forest)

Cris and Esther go to Tarazona to pick María up. They go to a spiritual retreat and Esther's bachelorette party. This retreat is in La Casa del Tao, and is the Casa de Colonias Can Rigol in Begues. The forest where they walk is the Masjoan Arboretum in Espinelves.

Gary goes to see Xosé at the Fundación Conecta center (as we have said, it is the Molins Civic Center in Mataró) and then talks to Moni at the street door.


Cris goes to a store in Lloret de Mar to buy a mobile. The sequence represents it’s in Lloret, but the interior of the store is in Barcelona at the Phone Gallery on Travessera de Gràcia, 34. Later we see her on the beach and at the Sould Park in Lloret de Mar.


Episode 6. Cuando te miras en el Espejo (When you look yourself in the mirror)

This episode focuses on the wedding of Esther and Júlia that takes place in the Mas Collades rural house. Therefore, is not shot in Barcelona.

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