We visit the locations of 'Citas Barcelona'


Third season of the successful tv3 series

The series has returned to the screens with the title Citas Barcelona. Filmax produces the new episodes of the third season. You can see them both on TV3 digital platforms and on Amazon Prime Video. Obviously, Barcelona is the setting for the filming. They are chapters that show encounters between several characters who have dates.

Citas Barcelona has Pau Freixas and Èric Navarro as creative executive producers and several directors: Pau Freixas, Carles Torrens, Marta Pahissa, Patricia Font, Paco Caballero, Eric Navarro and Hammudi al-Rahmoun Font. In this new season, the cast is Pablo Rivero, Manuela Vellés, Betsy Túrnez, Eduard Buch, Aida Oset, Ricard Sales, Jordi Llovet, Carlos Cuevas, Gonzalo de Castro, Carmen Machi, Belén Cuesta, Ivan Massagué, Laia Costa, Nausicaa Bonnín, Carolina Yuste, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Aina Clotet, Ajay Kumar, Andrea Álvarez, Pol López, Pep Ambrós, Alejo Sauras, Albert Ausellé, David Verdaguer, Berta Castañé, Berta Bayarri, Joana Vilapuig, Vito Sanz, Eva Santaolaria, Antonio Hortelano and Carme Balagué.

In this article, we review the locations in our city. Natxo Gefaell was the location manager, the location assistant was Claudia Torrens, and the assistants were Nuria Onsins and Claudia Escárate. Attention! Do not read it if you have not seen the series yet. This article may contain spoilers!


Chapter 1. Laura-Jan/Tiago-Mimi

The chapter begins with images of Cataluña Square from above decorated with Christmas lights. We see people walking along the Ramblas with Christmas lighting. Then, we see an aerial view from the sea of the W Hotel and fireworks exploding. At the hotel, they celebrate a New Year's Eve party. A girl starts a conversation with Laura (Clara Lago). They are at the bar. Later, Laura meets up with Jan, a Tinder match. Both of them have just left their partners. Jan (Carlos Cuevas) is on the street waiting for Laura. You can see the W Hotel in the background. They enter the hotel together through the door. They go to the elevator and walk down the hotel hallway towards her room.



In the credits, you can see images of the city by day. We see the Sagrada Familia, the Ferris wheel at the Tibidabo Amusement Park, and the Port Vell with the Agbar tower in the background. We can also see night images with the Mapfre Tower, the illuminated city, and the Calatrava Tower.

Tiago (Pablo Rivero) is with some friends in their house. They are celebrating New Year's Eve. They are on Trafalgar Street, 17. Even though he says that he is on Málaga Street. All of his friends are married and have children. He is single. A girl texts him on a dating app. It turns out that she lives on the same block where he is partying with his friends. Her name is Mimi (Manuela Vellés). Her apartment is actually at Ronda Sant Pere, 25. Tiago goes up the stairs and rings the doorbell. She opens it, and they enter.



Later at night, we see the Tourist Bus passing through the street and a view of the city with the Tibidabo in the background. During the day, we see an image of the city and then the solar panels of the Forum and Port Vell. Tiago is at the flat of Mimi. He returns to the apartment, but his friends are not there. He has to go back with Mimi to charge the phone.

Jan is in the hotel room with Laura. We see the port marina from the room windows. They go down to lunch at the hotel cafeteria. And then they walk along the Mare Nostrum promenade along the San Sebastián beach while they talk.

Then we see some views of the Barcelona cathedral, people walking along Hospital Street, and the rooftops of a few buildings from above. Tiago continues at Mimi's house and asks her to drive him somewhere. They go with the car along the Sant Joan promenade, and the car breaks down on Ali Bei Street near number 11.

Laura and Jan return to the W hotel. Tiago orders at the bar while Laura leaves. She is going to make a reservation at the spa. Meanwhile, Tiago and Mimi are in the flat again. We see a view of Paseo de Gracia from the rooftop of La Pedrera, people walking along Montjuic del Bisbe street from Plaza San Felip Neri, and an aerial view of the W Hotel with the sea in the background.


Chapter 2 Nico-Diana/Juanqui-Barbs

The episode begins with several aerial views of the city. Then, we see people walking along the Born promenade. A man, Nico (Gonzalo de Castro) is in the Rambla de Catalunya. He arrives at a doorway and presses the intercom. He is at number 80, Rambla Cataluña. The interior is at 145 Mitre Street. He knocked on the door. He has a date with Diana (Carmen Machi). We later see them crossing a traffic light on Gracia promenade in front of La Pedrera.



Later, we see another aerial view of the city with the port and the Mapfre tower. Juanqui (David Verdaguer) enters a restaurant. It is the restaurant Xalet de Montjuic on Miramar Avenue, 31. There he meets Barbs (Berta Castañé).



We see an aerial view of the cable car with two cabins moving. Nico and Diana are in a bar having a drink. It is the Jok restaurant and cocktail bar on Mallorca Street, 275.

Then, we see several aerial views of the city at night. You can see the port, Montjuic, and Tibidabo. Juanqui and Barbs are in Mirador del Migdia Park. They take food from a food truck. They are on the Migdia promenade, at number 189.

Diana and Nico go to his house. The interior of the apartment is at 297 Muntaner Street. Meanwhile, Juanqui and Barbs eat and have a conversation inside his car. We see a night aerial view of the Mapfre Tower and the Arts Hotel, several streets of the city, the beach, and the Hospital de Mar.

We are inside the Hospital de Mar. The hospital is on the Barceloneta promenade. Juanqui is in the waiting room. We see a doctor walking down a hallway and the entrance reception. Juanqui leaves the hospital and takes a taxi at the door.


Chapter 3 Abi-Murall / Meri-Oriol

The chapter begins with an aerial view of the city at night from the Forum Park in Ernest Lluch Square. There, we can see the Agbar Tower illuminated in the background. Later, we see on Eduard Maristany Avenue a tram passing by. The protagonist, Meri (Joana Vilapuig) travels in a Tram car. She is drawing in her illustration notebook. Later, we see her walking on the Taulat promenade and entering the Hilton Diagonal Mar hotel. She has a date with Oriol (Pol Monen) on the restaurant terrace.

Later, we see a bicycle circulating along Comerç Street at number 66. We see the exterior of the Club Haus (Marqués de l'Argentera Avenue, 13). Inside, they play a trivia game while Abi (Belén Cuesta) enters through the door. Murall (Ivan Massagué) is at the bar and sits with her at a table.



On Argenteria Street, at number 51, we see a man making a show of breathing fire into the street and people sitting on the terraces of the bars. We then see several aerial images of the port area at night. Meri and Oriol have a drink in the restaurant. They leave, and she meets an acquaintance, Rodri (Vito Sanz). He is there with his girlfriend Astrid (Aina Clotet).



We see an image above Cataluña Square in the part where the statue The Enigma of the Goddess by Josep Clarà and the monument to Francesc Macià by Josep Maria Subirachs. Then we see Sant Josep Oriol Square with La Palla Street, Pi Street, and people walking at night. At the Club Haus Murall leaves, and Abi follows him to the Born Promenade. Then she walks along Joan de Borbó promenade to the Barcelona cable car Jaume I tower on Dock 18. We see an aerial image of the area and both on top of the tower.



Later, we see another aerial view of Port Vell and the Colon promenade. Oriol and Meri walk along the Taulat promenade outside the Hilton hotel. Abi and Murall are sitting at a table in front of a food truck just below the Jaume I tower of the cable car. They walk along Dock 18. The shot changes to an aerial image of the city from the port.


Chapter 4 Paula-Sofia / Matilda-Samuel

Victoria and Sofía (Laia Costa) get married. Victoria is waiting for Sofía in a farmhouse. She calls her on the phone and tells her that she is at the house of her grandmother dressing, but she is the apartment of Paula (Nausicaa Bonnin). Some friends comfort Paula. In the end, Sofia arrives at the wedding on time.

We see some aerial night views of the city. A sign appears that says: 7 years later. We are in a nightclub where Victoria and Sofía are. They are at the Candy Darling on Gran Vía de las Corts, 586. There, Sofía has a date with Paula.


At night, Matilda (Carolina Yuste) is sleeping, but the noise of her neighbors wakes her up. The apartment is on Joaquim Costa Street. She leaves the house, and we see her walking along Notariat Street, passing through Àngels Square in front of Macba and Ferlandina Street. She enters the Casa Almirall Winery (Joaquim Costa Street, 33). There, she talks to the waitress, Astrid (Aina Clotet). Matilda has a date with Samuel (Miguel Ángel Muñoz).



Paula and Sofia go to Sofia's house. The apartment is on Zamora Street. They talk about her past and present. Then, we see night images of the city: Some rooftops of buildings with the two Mapfre towers and the Arts hotel in the background, Tibidabo illuminated at night, and the façade of a building on Pau Claris Street. Samuel and Matilda are at the house of Samuel on Pau Claris. We see a night image of the city shot with a drone rising from a rooftop in the Reial Square, and we return to Samuel's apartment. Matilda is on the street, in front of Casa Almirall. It is raining. She calls on the phone. She then walks through the Àngels Square and sits on some stairs.

It is getting daylight. We see an image of the city with the MNAC in the background and another with the Collserola Tower. We are at the house of Sofia. Paula and Sofía meet Teresa (Anna Moliner) on the street, the mother of Paula. Paula takes a taxi. They are on Zamora Street at number 46. Sofía runs along Zamora Street and turns towards Pujades.


Chapter 5. Alba-Josep/ Dani-Javi

This episode begins with an aerial image of the city outside the Mirador de la Torre Baró on Riudecanyes Street. Alba (Andrea Álvarez) plays with a Rubik sitting on a bench, and a boy, Dani (Pep Ambrós), arrives. They are in Pompeu Gener Square.

We see an aerial view of the city with the sea in the background. Then, another image of the Calatrava Tower in Montjuic and at night of the statue of Columbus, the promenade, and Port Vell. A boy, Cain, prepares the table for dinner. His roommate, Javi (Alejo Sauras), arrives and they talk.

We see an image of the Port of Barcelona with the cranes and another of the sea with the buildings of the two towers in the background. Alba and Dani arrive at a restaurant. They are at the Bluewave restaurant at Moll de la Barceloneta, 1. Alba has a date with Josep (Pol López), and his brother Dani with Javi. She sits on the terrace overlooking the Port Vell, and he waits for his date at the bar.




Dani looks for Alba on the street. He first asks a group of boys and girls sitting on the stairs of the Moll de la Barceloneta near the restaurant. Afterward, he runs along Paseo Juan de Borbón. Javi and Josep leave through the restaurant door and get on a motorcycle of Javi. Dani asks some girls partying in Hilari Salvadó Square. Josep and Javi look for her while riding along the Barceloneta promenade. Dani continues looking for Alba on Salamanca, Proclamació, Sta. Lluïsa de Marillac and Almirall Barceló streets. Javi and Josep pass in front of the Hospital de Mar and along Pepe Rubianes Street.



Alba also walks through several streets in the Barceloneta. Josep and Javi find Alba walking along the Marítimo promenade at number 5. She is leaving the Brugada Square. Alba crosses, and a car passes very close to her. Javi finds her and takes her to the sidewalk when Dani arrives.

Dani, Javi, Alba, and Josep go to the apartment of Àlex (Albert Auseller), the ex of Dani, to look for his hamster. He is on Pujades Street, 85. We see an aerial view of the city at night. We see the Sagrada Familia. Then we see Alba and Dani sitting on the same stairs as before on Paseo Juan de Borbón. Javi and Josep return from paying at the restaurant and sit with them, talking while a boy blows soap bubbles. The chapter ends with some aerial night images of the city from Port Vell.


Chapter 6 Claudia-Imanol

This episode begins with an aerial image of the city during the day from outside the Mirador de la Torre Baró. Then, we see the roof of La Pedrera and Paseo de Gracia from the building. We also see La Rambla del Raval, people walking along Hospital Street, and the door of En Aparté, French Bistró (Lluis el Piadòs Street, 2) in Born. Imanol (Antonio Hortelano) is talking to the waiter at the bar when Claudia (Eva Santolaria) arrives. They met in the summer of 1988 in Valtueña, a town in Soria. There, they fell in love and had their first kiss. Thirty-four years later, they have met again through Tinder. They sit down to have coffee. Then, they walk along the Hort dels Velluters Passage to the Sant Pere Square. They cross Sant Pere Més Baix Street and continue along Basses de Sant Pere Street.




We see an aerial image of the city during the day with the sea in the background. Afterward, we see the Sagrada Familia, the Arc de Triomphe, and the two protagonists walking along the Lluis Companys promenade. They cross the Pujades promenade and enter the Ciutadella Park. There, they sit on a bench in front of the lake. Then, they get up and walk along the path at the edge. They cross over the grass parterre. They continue along until the Sonia Rescalvo square. They pass the bridge towards the island in the lake. They stop, continue the conversation, and finally return to where the scene ends.

Then they walk along Miquel Pedrola i Alegre Street, cross Pepe Rubianes Street, and continue along Meer Street until the Barceloneta promenade and San Miquel beach. Imanol buys some beers in a supermarket. It is at the corner of Meer Street and Judici Street. They sit on the sand and continue talking. Then, they get up and walk along the promenade. Imanol has to leave, and Claudia accompanies him.

You can see a couple of aerial images of the city with the sea in the background. Then we see Cataluña Square on the corner of Rambla Cataluña at night. People come out walking along Pelai Street and through Plaza Catalunya. Imanol and Claudia are in a taxi. We see a night image of the city from Port Vell with the statue of Columbus and the Ramblas. Several people are walking along Petritxol Street.

We are in the apartment of the mother of Imanol (Carme Balagué). She is on Rambla Cataluña, 69. In Reial Square, a singer plays the acoustic guitar while singing “Sabor de amor” by Danza Invisible. Claudia and Imanol walk down Tres Llits Street and enter Reial Square. The chapter ends with an aerial shot of the Reial Square in Barcelona at night and the two protagonists walking through the square.



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