We visit the locations of the 'Buga Buga' series


A production for TV3

In this series, different characters are in the laundry where they go to wash their clothes. Some meet there on purpose and, others meet by chance. And stories come out that connect them. They will talk about love, sex, secrets, loneliness, breakups, and much more. Produced by Aguacate & Calabaza Films for tv3, Buga Buga has six episodes of 20 minutes each. Directed by Alba Simón and Ana Millán and the script is by Alba Simón, Ana Millán and Eric Moral. Among the protagonists are Kathy Sey, Roser Tapias, Javier Beltrán, Vicenta N'Dongo, Roger Batalla, Emma Arquillué, Laura Aubert and Pere Arquillué, among others.

We visit the locations of the series in our city, chapter by chapter. Anna Crillo is the Buga buga location manager, María Rebellón the location manager assistant and Aleix Lorente the location assistant. You can see the series on demand on the tv3 website here (in Catalan).


Chapter 1 Amigues (Friends)

Valentina (Txell Aixendrí), Lore (Laura Albert) and Carla (Nuria Deulofeu) are very close friends. They have known each other for a lifetime. Tonight, the three are meeting for dinner and celebrating the birthday of the first.

The chapter begins with Lore and her boss (Pere Arquillué) in a clothing store. The store is El maniquí vintage and, it is at Sant Sever Street, 8. When her boss leaves, Carla arrives. Both are waiting for Valentina to celebrate her birthday.



When the three friends go out to party, they walk at night along the Rambla de Santa Mònica. They go out drinking and dancing in a bar/disco that is like karaoke in the city but it's not in Barcelona. It's the Kansas Country Mollet karaoke on Can Filosa Street, 13 in Mollet del Vallès. Afterward, you can see the three friends biking through the Paseo de Isabel II in the direction of Pla de Palau.



The celebration takes them to a 24-hour laundry in Barcelona, where they will end the night out by confessing some secrets that will change their lives. The laundry is actually a recreation that was made of in a local also in Mollet. When it is daylight, the three girls are eating a kebab sitting at the fountain of the Catalan Genius in Pla de Palau.



Chapter 2 Triangle

In an isolated laundromat, Roc (Roger Batalla) and Amanda (Vicenta N’Dongo) meet again. They like to have sex in public places. It will not be an encounter like other times due to an unexpected event.



Roc leaves a note for his partner in the kitchen. This apartment is in Cornellà de Llobregat. Meanwhile, Amanda is driving down a road. They meet in a Fresh brand laundry. It is at the Vilacarburants gas station in Sant Fost de Campsentelles that has an attached Freshbox cubicle. At the end of the chapter, Roc appears sitting on a promenade on the Boadella beach in Lloret de Mar.


Chapter 3 Embarassades (Pregnant)

In a laundry coincide very different characters who are going to wash clothes. Lu arrives and finds Marta, a pregnant woman. While they wait, they will discover that they can do at the laundry much more than just do the laundry.



The chapter begins with a boy (Aimar Vega) reading and listening to music while waiting for his clothes. We see a street scene, the bus 27 traveling towards Sants station on the Riera de les Cassoles Avenue at the height of Mare de Déu de Gràcia Street.

Marta (Kathy Sey) arrives at the laundry with Bernat (Javier Berltrán). It is a place built-in by the art girls of the series in Mollet del Vallès on Borrell Street, 14.

Lu (Roser Tapias) is preparing to open her new bar. Before closing for the day, she says goodbye to one of the workmen (Paco Moreno). The bar is the Elephanta on Torrent d’en Vidalet Street, 37. Lu leaves the premises to go to the laundry. She gets off her motorcycle and enters the Buga buga laundry, where she meets Marta. The taxi scene at the end of the chapter is on Gran Vía.


Chapter 4 Avi (Grandfather)

Mr. Tomàs (Fermí Reixach) returns to the laundry, where he usually washes his wife's coat. The chapter begins with the protagonist sitting on a park bench and cleaning his shoes. He is in the Joaquim Folguera Square. He leaves and walks across the street with a boy who is eating ice cream. This scene happens on Pau Alcover Street. He later stops at a traffic light where a girl walks a dog. It is Mandri Street on the corner of Paseo de Bonanova.



The man walks down the street until he enters the Vidal laundry. The exterior is in the Ciutat de Balaguer Street and, it is a tapestry called Juan Martín Tapicería. The interior is the same place built-in in Mollet del Vallès that they redecorated in the middle of filming. The arrival of Lucia (Eli Duranzo), a cheeky globetrotter, will break all his schemes.



Chapter 5 Tinder

While she does the laundry, Àlex (Emma Arquillué) makes a video call with Marco (Pablo Macho), her boyfriend, who lives in Toronto. During the video call, the couple will open up and talk about what the distance is causing in their relationship.

At the beginning of the chapter, Àlex walls down Portal Nou Street and, she stops to listen to a WhatsApp voice message.



Àlex goes to the laundry and, there she calls Marco over a videoconference. Marco's house is not in Toronto. It is in Lliçà de Vall.

Later, Àlex is at the bus stop, she is writing with her mobile. It is the 3241 bus stop that is in Paseo de Sant Joan, 9. The bus arrives and, she gets on.



Walking down the street, she comes to a bar, where she mets someone. This bar is Bar 65° on Davant del Portal Nou Street, 3.


Chapter 6 Os (Bear)

Marc (Aitor Valadés) and his gang walk past the Masnou port laundry. There, they find a panda bear handing out flyers from the kebab restaurant where he works, and they start making fun of him. What Marc doesn't know is that the man behind the disguise will help him make big decisions. This chapter was shot entirely in El Masnou. In the port, its laundry, and in the streets of the city.


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