We visit the locations of 'Atrapa a un ladrón' in Barcelona


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Created by Javier Olivares, the series is based on the iconic Alfred Hitchcock film. Starring Alexandra Jiménez and Pablo Echarri, Atrapa a un ladrón was shot between Barcelona and Argentina. It is the first production of Viacom International Studios (VIS) for Paramount Network Spain.

Alexandra Jiménez is Lola Garay, a police inspector and at the same time the wife of the former thief Juan Robles. Although, she is unaware of her criminal past.

On the other hand, the Argentine actor Pablo Echarri plays Robles, also known as El Gato. Adrià Collado is Diego, Lola's ex-partner, and an Interpol investigator. As in the original film, the series will follow in the footsteps of the now rehabilitated thief, El Gato, who tries to reveal the identity of a mysterious impostor that he steals using his name. We review their locations in Barcelona, ​​even though a good part of the series shoot in Argentina. The locations have been in charge of Lluís Botella and Mónica Ruíz Molero.


Episode 1 El Gato

We see an aerial image of the city and a sign appears that says Barcelona 2019. It's the wedding of Juan Robles (Pablo Echarri) and Lola Garai (Alexandra Jiménez). The protagonist waits for the bride, who does not arrive. The wedding takes place in the Blanes's convent, a 16th-century building next to a botanical garden with sea views.


Meanwhile, in Barcelona, ​​a Mossos car chases another car on Pujades street, passing by the Bogatell metro stop. They turn onto Zamora Street, where the Mossos car cannot continue because a truck is unloading and stopped. The bride is Inspector Lola Garai, and she is in the Mossos car with her parents. It seems they don't make it to the wedding on time. Suddenly, they get a notice of a bank robbery.



The inspector arrives at the scene of the robbery, a Barnabanc. She wears a wedding dress and a corsage. This scene was on Àngel J. Baixeras Street 1. There, the Post Office headquarters is the bank where the bank heist is taking place. We see the bank and the street outside with the police cars. In the end, she arrives at the wedding on time.

We see another aerial view of Barcelona, ​​this time at night, with the Sagrada Familia and the Mapfre tower and the Hotel Arts in the background. Juan's mother, Luisa Botinelli (Cecilia Rossetto) and Juan's partner at the art gallery, Cecilia Sosa (Mónica Antonópolus) talk about Juan and Lola in the Barcelona apartment.

We make a jump to Buenos Aires. There is a robbery at the Apelbaum-Olivieri museum. The thief known as the Cat steals again after years inactive. Juan's uncle gets arrested as responsible for the burglary. He has Alzheimer's.

We return to Barcelona. Cecilia is the partner at Juan's art gallery, and she takes care of it while he is on his honeymoon with Lola. Juan's mother arrives at the gallery, and they call him to tell him that the police have arrested her brother, Roman. The gallery is not actually in Barcelona.

Juan and Lola are driving along the GI-682, the road to Tossa. They are celebrating their honeymoon. When they stop to have a picnic, they call Juan to notify him of the arrest of his uncle, and Juan has to go to Buenos Aires. He doesn't tell Lola what happened.



We see a new aerial view of Barcelona at night from the sea in which you can see the Olympic Port. Juan says goodbye to Lola and her daughter before going to Buenos Aires.

Diego Ayala (Adrià Collado), Lola's ex-boyfriend who works at Interpol, calls Lola to tell her that her husband's uncle has been arrested and discovers that Juan has lied to her. Diego is the Interpol headquarters, shot inside the Ayre Roselló hotel. It is in its lobby. From there, he calls her as if he is at Interpol.


Episode 2 Flashbacks

In this chapter, we made a flashback to Barcelona three years ago. We see an aerial view of the Sagrada Familia and Reina María Cristina Avenue from Plaza España. The MNAC is in the background. Juan is in front of the museum, on Mirador del Palacio Nacional Street. Lola climbs the stairs of the museum, and they both exchange glances. Inside the museum, a guide shows the mural piece by Joan Miró and Joan Gardi Artigas from 1978. Both protagonists are in front of the painting, and there they meet.



We return to Buenos Aires, and today, Juan tries to find out who has set a trap for his uncle. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Diego Ayala visits Lola. They walk and talk along Avenida Gaudí with the Sagrada Familia in the background. He is investigating the case of Juan's uncle and gives Lola information.



Episode 6 Gato por liebre

Lola receives a call from Diego from Barcelona ​​because they have requisitioned some forged paintings. Diego calls from the street where there are a lot of police cars.


Episode 10 No habrá más pena ni olvido

Aerial view of the city with the Sagrada Familia and the park in the foreground. Where we see the two protagonists again back in the city and their apartment. As you can see, the series filmed its first two chapters in Barcelona and the rest, almost entirely, in Buenos Aires.







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