We visit the locations of the ‘Fanático’ series


A Netflix production

Directed by Roger Gual, Fanático is a Corte y Confección de Películas production for Netflix. Starring Lorenzo Ferro, Dollar Selmouni, Carlota Urdiales, Eva Almeida and Fernando Valdivielso.

Spain's biggest musical idol dies in front of his fans at the first concert of a world tour. Lázaro, a young food delivery man and unconditional fan, sees an opportunity to escape his monotonous and precarious life. He adopts his image, music, and fans from him. Under pressure from a music industry that sees the opportunity not to lose everything he has achieved with the star, Lázaro turns all aspects of his life into a show, even if it means giving up real life.

We follow in the footsteps of Lázaro through Barcelona. They have shot the series extensively in our city. Gisela Sans is the location manager, Anna Crillo is the location assistant, Alex Farré is the location assistant, and Joel López is the locator. If you have not seen the series, be careful, there may be some spoilers.


Chapter 1. Chimera

Chimera and his girlfriend are in the bathroom of his dressing room in Razzmatazz. Then, we see them backstage before going on stage. We also see the wall of the venue where the posters of his performance are.

Lázaro (Lorenzo Ferro) rides a bicycle. He is a delivery man. He stands on the bike lane of Pujades Street with Joan d'Àustria. He has one request left when his girlfriend Clara (Eva Almeida) calls. She is inside the concert hall. He takes the order to a building where there is a party. We see him arrive at the door while it is raining. He is at Enric Giménez, 12. He gets on the elevator and delivers the order. Lázaro also acts as if he were a doorman in the concert hall. He is at the door controlling the public that enters. He gets inside the venue.

Chimera (Salva) is in the dressing room. He is late. Lázaro enters backstage and then in the dressing room when Chimera leaves. Chimera faints while he is performing at the concert at Razzmatazz. Then we see an ambulance at the door of the concert venue.

Lázaro goes to the headquarters of his work as a delivery man, Cloudelivers, and claims a new backpack because it is broken. He is at Newwork Coworking (Peru Street, 186). Later, Lázaro goes in a van with some friends. They circulate through Vallcivera street, Vallbona avenue, and Aiguablava street up to Vía Favència. They stop at Vallcivera, 22. They are helping a friend to move into a new flat. Later Pompa (Dollar Selmouni) appears in a pool where he does an Instagram live to say where Chimera's burial will be. This house is in the urbanization of Mas Ram in Badalona. Meanwhile, in the flat, Lázaro fights with his friend.


He walks out. We see him as he crosses a bridge where the train passes. This bridge is in Poblenou. It is Pujades street between Zamora and Joan d'Àustria.
It is the funeral of Salvador, better known as Chimera. They celebrate a mass in the chapel of the Masnou cemetery. In the meantime, his fans have a party outside. We see how the funeral procession leaves and the fans that prevent them from passing.

At the end of the chapter, Lázaro goes out to the balcony of his house to smoke. His flat is in L'Hospitalet.


Chapter 2. In flesh and blood

This episode begins with a past interview with Quimera, his girlfriend Mia (Carlota Urdiales) and creative director, and Pompa, who runs her social networks. They are in the program La chocarrera. They recordet it in Sala Hiroshima (Vila i Vilà Street, 65). Currently, Lázaro tattoos the same tattoo as Chimera on his face. And she dyes her hair just like him.

Lázaro and his girlfriend Clara are walking down the street at night. We see some buildings in the background and a parking area. They go into a bar. They are walking again when his mother calls Lázaro. They run to catch the bus and climb inside. All this is in L'Hospitalet, where the character lives.



They are now at the door of Razzmatazz 3. There, a girl asks Lázaro for a light. Lázaro and Clara enter the alley. They slip through the metallic fire stairs to the interior of the venue. Even though it is the emergency exit from Razz 2, when they are inside, they are in Razz 1. A guard catches them, and they run to the alley, where a police car arrives. They are in Pamplona Passage (Pamplona street, 88). Later we see Lázaro at the Mossos police station. It is at the Sergio Manzano Sports Center in Hospitalet. Not in Barcelona.

The next day, we see Lázaro at a beach hotel bar. It is the Little Beach House Barcelona. At night he crashes a beach party with the people Chimera knows. The Haim group performs. They are on the beach of Las Casetas del Garraf. Later we see how Lázaro and Pompa walk next to the booths. They go to the parking lot to get the car and stay at Chimera's house, where Pompa also lives.

Chapter 3. A privilege

Lázaro continues at Pompa/Daniel's (Dollar Selmouni) house. They go in Pompa's car when Clara calls him, but he tells her that he will call him later and that he can't talk now. When they are in the car, they drive along Calle Josep Pla, Avda. Diagonal, Plaza de Levante, and finally, along Paseo Taulat. The two go to see Héctor (Fernando Valdivieso), Quimera's manager, in a hangar of an old factory where there is a gallery of works of art. They're going to talk about Pompa's album. It is the Utopía 126 space on Cristóbal de Moura street, 126. Later, Pompa throws a party at his house to introduce the new Chimera.



Chapter 4. The Art of Business

They hold a meeting at the record company's office, the Livensa Living Residence in Esplugues. Fans meet him on the street and ask for autographs and photos. They believe that Lazarus is a Chimera. In this scene, they are on Llull street 62-64. He does a photo shoot at Studio 66 on Calle Llull, 66. Mia, Héctor, and Lázaro are also in a van on Calle Llull. They interview him on a television program, La chocarrera, recorded in the Sala Hiroshima. When he finishes, we see him in Vila i Vilà street, at the door of the Hiroshima venue. He is waiting for a taxi when Pompa arrives, and they fight.



Chapter 5. Lazarus

We see people dancing to the music of a DJ who plays in the Laut venue. Among them is Lazarus. We see flashes of the fight between him and Pompa outside the Hiroshima venue. Later, he walks through an open field next to a passing train and a bridge over the tracks.

Lázaro goes to his mother's house. He leaves his house and walks through the doorway and the street. He almost got hit by a car crossing the street. Later, he walks down a street with concert posters. It is the facade of Razzmatazz. The public is already in the concert hall, and Lázaro is in his dressing room at Razzmatazz. He walks out onto the stairs of Razz 3 while it's raining. The chapter ends with the Chimera concert in Razzmatazz 1.


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