The first feature film by director Belén Funes, she also signs the script with Marçal Cebrián. A Thief's Daughter tells the story of Sara (Greta Fernández), a young girl who has grown up alone. She is 22 years old and has a baby. Her wish is to form a family with her little brother and the father of her son, Dani (Àlex Monner). Her father, Manuel (Eduard Fernández), has spent years in prison. When he goes out, he decides to reappear in their lives. Sara knows that he is the main obstacle in her plans and makes a difficult decision: get him away from her and her brother.

A Thief's Daughter filmed for a few weeks in Barcelona. So, we follow in the footsteps of its protagonist and her family in this article. The person in charge of the locations was Karen Oliva.

Sara tries to make a living as best as she can. She wants to get custody of her brother and start her own family with her baby and the father of her child. She works doing clean jobs. In the first scene, we see her cleaning in a parking lot. This scene is at Parking BSM Tram IV (Pg. Garcia Fària, 59).

Since she doesn't earn much, she tries to find more jobs with the help of the social worker. While visiting the social services center, she sees her father. He has gotten out of prison. They are inside Sagrada Familia Social Services (Mallorca Street, 425).

We see Sara climbing some stairs and walking across a bridge over the road. It is the bridge of Castelldefels street that crosses the Meridiana. Sara goes to a bar where her brother is. He has escaped from the juvenile center where he is. Sara knows the owners. It is the Bar Litoral (Mare de Déu de Port Street, 14).

Then, Sara goes on a bus to see her father. We see her walking down the street to meet her father, who is working emptying a flat. When they are on the portal, they are at Buscarons street, and the flat's interior is on Teodora Lamadrid Street.



Later, they both meet at a bar to talk. This is the Amsterdam bar (Av. Rasos de Peguera, 7). They walk down the street towards a block of buildings where he lives, it is the apartment of his girlfriend Laura (Anna Alarcón), and the portal is on Rambla Prim.



Sara goes to the bus station (the Granollers station). She goes for her boyfriend, who arrives on a bus from Lyon. They arrive at night at the portal of the apartment where she lives.

Later, Sara is working in the parking lot again. She then takes a bus to go to a job interview to work in the kitchen of a school. It is the Escola Virolai (C/ Ceuta, s/n). Later, Sara picks up her son that she had left with her neighbor Flora. It is the building at Avenida Rasos de Peguera 40-42.



Sara visits the carpentry where the father of her son works. It is a family business. The interior is a workshop that is in the Pintor Tapiró passage. It is the Fusteria Pere Masmitjà.
Then, we see her with the baby stroller down the street. She goes to the juvenile center where her brother Martin is. The center is actually the Mare de Deu de Montserrat hostel (Paseo Mare de Deu del Coll, 41). We see her walking, and in the background, the Ciutat Meridiana funicular going down.

Sara's roommate leaves the flat, and they throw her a farewell party at a bar. It's the Corazón Latino bar, at passatge Prim, 10. Then they go out into the street. Her roommate asks some men in a van for some boxes because she is moving, and Sara sees her father and his girlfriend arguing with some people in a car. It is night. All this happens in the passage Prim, no. 10-14.



Her brother celebrates his communion in a church. This is the Parish of Sant Bernat de Claravall (Pedraforca, 2). Sara comes running from work and walks through the door. After the act, the father of her son goes down the street with her brother on a piggyback ride because he has a broken leg. Until they reach the parked car. This scene is in the area of Av. Rasos de Peguera. Together they go to El Litoral, to celebrate the communion in the backyard. The bar is El Litoral, but the patio is at La coral dels amics on Pantà street 7 in Terrassa.

At the school where Sara works, a van arrives with the purchases for the dining room. Sara unloads the food. This scene was shot at the Colegio Alemán and is located at 105 Jacint Esteva Fontanet Avenue, in Esplugues. Later, her father comes to see her, and they talk in front of his van on the street.



In another scene, Sara is in Dani's motorcycle as a pack. They go down a street, and we can see a highway bridge in the distance. They are circulating on Sabadell Street, in Montcada i Reixac.

Sara is walking down a street at night until she reaches the door of a bar. There, she sees her father removing the company's sticker for which he works from his van. They are at Rambla Prim, 86.

Dani comes to take care of their child while Sara goes to court. The court is actually at the UAB, in Building B2 of Bellaterra.



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