We visit 'Foodie Love' locations


A series by Isabel Coixet for HBO

This series, directed by Isabel Coixet for HBO, shot intensively in our city. In this article, we review some of the locations that the filming in Barcelona visited. The Foodie Love story begins when the algorithm of an application to find a partner between gastronomy lovers connects the protagonists. A girl and a boy who get to know each other over several dates. They will have to discover if coincidences such as their devotion to Japanese yuzu or their common allergy to "foodie posturing" are enough to build the foundations of a lasting love story. The series stars Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening. And apart from filming in Barcelona, ​​it also visited Rome and Tokyo.



We review chapter by chapter the locations in our city:

Chapter 1: "Just a coffee". Espai Joliu (Badajoz, 95)

In this place, the protagonists meet and have their first coffee together. Its name is Espai Joliu and it's in the Sant Martí District. It's a concept store dedicated to plants, illustration, and design. It's also an art gallery displaying works by local artists. And a café specializing in original and fusion coffees and homemade desserts.


Chapter 2: "Breakfast in Kentucky". Bar Paradiso (Rera Palau, 4)

In this speakeasy cocktail bar, Yolanda Ramos (who plays the owner) serves Guillermo Pfening a very special cocktail with bacon. There he waits for Laia Costa who is late. The place is hidden behind a door of the Bar Pastrami, in the Ciutat Vella District.

While he is at the bar, we see the girl waiting for a taxi on Balmes with Corint street. The girl cannot find the speakeasy and she walks looking outside Rera Palau street where Bar Pastrami is, the secret entrance to Paradiso. The French woman and the young boy, who meet at the speakeasy, stroll down Ocata Street, on the corner of Marquesa Street. And the protagonists found the drunk man on Duana and Llevant street.

Chapter 3: "The gyoza of Proust"

The protagonists have a date in the best ramen restaurant in the city. A location that doesn't exist and was created specifically for this filming. It was at the Mercat del Carmel in Barcelona in the Horta-Guinardó District. So we will not be able to taste that ramen that in theory tastes like glory.

The Japanese woman who owns the restaurant enters the market through the goods door on Llobregós street, and the protagonists wait at the door of the market situated at Tremp street.


Chapter 5: "The Last Supper". Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant (Taquígraf Serra, 20)

The protagonists' first kiss is at this two-star Michelin restaurant, led by the Torres brothers. A place of 800 m2 located in an old industrial warehouse in the Les Corts District. It's a large kitchen with tables where you can taste their dishes.

All the exteriors of this chapter are in the streets around this restaurant, including the scenes of the delivery man and the accident.


Chapter 6: "The perfect croissant does'nt exist". Takashi Ochiai (Comte d'Urgell 110 and 116)

In this chapter, the protagonists delight in the Japanese sweets of Takashi Ochiai. This patisserie offers traditional Japanese desserts but also blends them with French and Catalan patisserie. Known above all for its croissants and matcha mochis, it's in the Eixample District.

When the protagonist didn't find the way to return to the girl's house, we see him walking through Clarà Ayats street in the Montbau neighborhood, in the Horta-Guinardó District.

Chapter 8: "An offering of tobacco, beer, and chocolate". Soho House (Plaça Duc de Medinaceli, 4) and La Pepita and La Cava (Córsega, 343 and 339)

In the last episode, the protagonists visit Soho House in the Ciutat Vella District, an exclusive private social club for creative professionals that was born in London and is present in cities like Berlin, Miami, and Barcelona. The protagonists visit the cinema with seats and tables where you can have a cocktail while watching a movie. Here, too, the Página 2 program records many times its section on film adaptations of books.

And La Pepita and La Cava also appea, they are in the Gràcia District. La Petita is a small bar with elaborate and innovative tapas. A little further up is La Cava, owned by the same owners, which is a vermutería.

After dinner, they walk down Mercè street, next to Soho House. They get on a railway and you can see the inside of the train and the FGC's Pàdua stop. Finally, they walk and say goodbye to each other at Manuel Angelon street in the Sarriá - Sant Gervasi District.

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