We take a tour to the locations of the Hanna series


The second season filmed in Barcelona

This Amazon series has its origins in the 2011 movie starring Eric Bana, Saoirse Ronan, and Cate Blanchett. Joe Wright was the director. David Farr, co-writer of the same, is the creator of the series that shot its second season in our city. Hanna tells the story of a young woman trained to kill by her father in an isolated forest in Europe, without contact with other human beings. They run from a secret Hanna doesn't know. Therefore, Hanna will try to discover her origins while being persecuted by the CIA in various cities in Europe.

Esme Creed-Miles is Hanna, the protagonist. In the first season, Mireille Enos is Marissa Weigler, the CIA agent who hunts her, and Joel Kinnaman plays Hanna's father, Erik Heller.

In the second season, the action moves to Barcelona, where Hanna has to fulfill an important mission. We review the scenarios of the series in our city. Barcelona appears in the last three episodes of the season.


Episode 6: Now They're with Us

Sandy (Áine Rose Daly), one of the teenage agents trained by Utrax, arrives in Barcelona to fulfill her first mission. We see her walking with a suitcase through Reial Square, Ferran Street, and Madoz Passage.

Sandy also studies at the University of Barcelona. ​​So, we can see many scenes in the XIX century historical building of the university in the Plaza Universitat. We can see the protagonists in the classes, the hall, and the patios of the college. The cafe is in the Ferran Soldevila gardens in the same building.

The pool on the roof of a building where Sandy sunbathes with Kat Gelder (Angela Sari), the daughter of his target, is the one at the Hotel Ohla on Via Laietana, 49. There they also meet Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince), the other Utrax agent on the same mission as Sandy.

The walk Sandy, Clara, Kat, and their classmates take along the walkway in the tree-lined area with houses in the background is on the road from Sarrià to Vallvidrera. By the footbridge that crosses the road along the Paseo de les Aigües.

The karaoke scene is at the A viva voz karaoke (C / Rocafort, 187). We also see how Robert Gelder (Mark Bazeley), Kat's father, arrives at Terminal 1 at Barcelona's El Prat airport.

By the way, all the apartments of the girls that appear in the series are also real properties, not sets, and are in the districts of Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella.


Episode 7: Tacitus

Clara walks through several streets of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona until she reaches a mechanical workshop where she exchanges the bag she is carrying for another with an agent from Utrax. The mechanical workshop is on Pujades street in the Poble Nou neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Kat meets her father, Robert, at the monumental fountain in Ciutadella Park, and they have a conversation on the steps of the Cascade.

Again, we see Kat, Clara, and Sandy in numerous scenes at the University of Barcelona. In the Sant Josep Oriol square, they have a drink on a terrace of a bar with some friends from the university. Clara also walks through some streets of the Gothic Quarter, such as Rauric, Volta del Remei, Ave María, and Banys Nous.

Clara and Hanna see each other inside the Monumental bullring. Clara also appears in the Biblioteca de Lletres CRAI of the University of Barcelona when she tries to contact her mother by email.

In this episode, we also see how Hanna spies on Kat and Sandy in the historical building of the University of Barcelona. Kat's father, Robert Gelder, appears walking through Barceloneta, specifically along Joan Borbó boulevard. There he eats with his daughter, who is accompanied by Sandy. They will do it at the Carballeria restaurant (Reina Cristina, 3).

Kat and Sandy go to the O nightclub in Vila Olímpica. It's the Opium nightclub (Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34), where we see them inside and outside. Leo Garner (Anthony Welsh), one of Utrax's bosses and coaches, and Clara meet on a bench in the Ciutadella park. Hanna steals a car to follow Sandy and Kat in front of the Shôko disco and restaurant (Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36).

The hotel that Robert Gelder has moved to, once Utrax discovered him, is the Hotel Almanac (G.V. Corts Catalanes, 619). This hotel has changed its name for the occasion to Hotel Metro Plaza. The rest of the hotel scenes in the series are in this hotel. The film production rented in its entirety. But they also shot in other hotels in the city.

At the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Paseo de Gràcia, 38-40), for example, they filmed several action sequences inside for three days with shots, fights, and various damage. There are interior scenes that are a mix between the Almanac, Mandarin Oriental, and Majestic hotels, and the exterior ones are from the Camps Elisis passage (Hotel Majestic) and Gran Vía with Pau Claris (Hotel Almanac).

There's a scene where Clara dumps her neighbor who invites her to the cinema. We can see him at the door of the cinema waiting. It's at the Multicines Balmes (Balmes, 422).


Episode 8: The List

Hanna, Clara, and Kat are hiding in a house in a residential area in Tibidabo. In the series, they say that the house is at Gaudí street, number 10. In reality, there is no street called Gaudí in that area. But even though the address is made-up, the house does exist and is in our city.

Meanwhile, Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) arrives at the ferry terminal in the port of Barcelona. Sandy meets John Carmicael (Dermot Mulroney), head of Utrax, on the terrace of a bar in Sant Josep Oriol square. To get there, she goes past the church in Sant Pere square, the church you see is the parish of Sant Pere de les Puel·les.

As a curiosity, in this episode, the presenter of the TV3 Telenotícies Toni Cruanyes appears on television. And the university professor of Kat and Sandy's class is the actor Bruno Oro, whom you will remember as Artur Mas in the program of humor Polònia also from TV3. The newsroom of El Periódico de Catalunya also appears. It's where journalist Alba Paredes (Clara Segura) works. She has to meet with Robert Gelder for the list. It is in Consell de Cent, 425.

Hanna meets Leo on the road from Sarrià to Vallvidrera as she drives her car to the Metro Plaza hotel. There, we see Marissa waiting inside an auto on Gran Vía as she observes the entrance of the hotel that is on Gran Vía corner of Pau Claris. There is a great action scene inside the hotel that runs through rooms, stairs, corridors, lobby, and kitchen. The fire escape scenes where Hanna fights with one of the Utrax agents over Robert Gelder's suitcase is the TESLA Building on Metal·lúrgia street.

The final shooting between Carmichael, Marissa, and Hanna in the back of the Metro Plaza hotel is in the Camps Elisis passage in the rear of the Majèstic hotel.

Hanna stops at the Mirador de Sarrià with the car to see the famous list, and we see a great view of the city. Sandy receives a call on her phone to confirm that the operation is complete and that he must return. There is a scene in which Sandy plays the piano in the street at the Pi square.

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