We review the locations of the film ‘Stories Not to Be Told’ in Barcelona


Directed by Cesc Gay

Stories Not to Be Told is an urban comedy that narrates situations in which we can recognize ourselves and that we would prefer not to explain or even forget. Five stories with an ironic and compassionate look at the inability to govern our emotions. Unexpected encounters, ridiculous moments, or silly decisions. Cesc Gay directs the film. It has an ensemble cast, and has shot in Barcelona. Gabi Lozano is the location manager, Jordi Renom the locator, and Verónica Rodríguez, Neus Casajuana, and Nuria Andrés Rodríguez are location assistants. We review the locations of the film in our city.

The director has divided the film into different stories with several protagonists. First, we see them in brief images. The film begins with a shot of Paseo del Born. In the background, we can see the Basilica of Santa María de Mar. A man (Chino Darín) comes out of the portal of a building with his dog, Bobo. They are at number 19, Paseo del Born. Later we see another man (Àlex Brendemühl) who gets out of a taxi. Later, a woman (Alexandra Jiménez) goes out smoking at the door of a building where they are doing a casting. A couple (Quim Gutiérrez and Verónica Echegui) are in a cafe with their son. It is the Café del Born (Comercial square, 10). Finally, we see how a man (José Coronado) gets out of a taxi on Princesa street with Paseo Picasso.


The title of the first story is I want to see you

Laura (Anna Castillo) is sitting on a bench in the Ciutadella Park when Álex (Chino Darín) arrives, the boy we have seen leaving home on the Paseo del Born with his dog. Laura also has a dog, Fiona. They are both neighbors in the same building.



Later, we see Sant Pere Més Alt street at the height of Méndez Núñez. A girl passes by with a bicycle. Bobo is at the door of the Andorra bar (Sant Pere Més Alt, 74), and Álex is having a beer inside. When he leaves, we see how a taxi stops to let them pass.

The title of the second story is Sandra

The taxi we have seen before continues along Sant Pere Més Baix street and turns onto Les Basses de Sant Pere until it stops in front of a building (Radas street, 32). There Luis (Àlex Brendemühl) gets out of the taxi and knocks on the door of a building. His friend Carlos (Antonio de la Torre) lives there with his partner Ana (María León). Luis stays for a day.

Later, we see Luis in a bar, sitting at a table. He is at Bar Marsella (Sant Pau, 65). There he meets a girl who is reading a book. Later, her friends arrive, and the girl invites them to the theater. She is an actress and performs at the Microteatro Hall, the La Puntual Theater (Allada-Vermell, 15). We see them outside the theater after the play. And then they drink at Bar Oviso (Arai, 5). And later, they go dancing at the Marula Café (Escudellers, 49), a nightclub.



Luis and Ana leave the Marula, and we can see the exterior of Escudellers street and George Orwell square, where the characters take a taxi.


The title of the third story is Tuesdays and Thursdays

Carol (Alexandra Jiménez) is smoking at the door of a building where they are doing a casting. It is Casa Capell (rambla del Prat, 27). She sees a man who parks a motorcycle on the sidewalk and goes into the building. She enters too. She is an actress. There she meets Blanca (Maribel Verdú) and Àngela (Nora Navas), actresses and friends who also go to the same casting.




The title of the fourth story is You have made me very happy these months

Andrés (José Coronado) is walking down a street and stops in front of a restaurant, Kafé Kafka (Fusina, 7). At the door, he meets his date, Bárbara (Alejandra Onieva). He is a teacher, and she is a former student. They go out together. Inside, Andrés meets his friend David (Javier Cámara).



The title of the fifth story is Paris

Jota (Brays Efe) and Edu (Quim Gutiérrez) play tennis on some courts. They are at the Montjuic Swimming Club (Segura, 36). They are friends, and they talk. Later, it is already night, and Jota takes Edu home by car. He parks beside a statue, and they talk inside the car. It is on Ali Bei street, 11, in front of the monument to Rafael Casanova.

Another day we see them at a bar ordering a few beers and then sitting at a table. It is the Flaherty's Pub (Joaquim Xirau i Palau square, 1). Jota takes Edu home. They stop in the same place with the car, there Edu meets his wife Sofia (Verónica Echegui), and they go shopping at the supermarket. It is the Obbio Supermarket (Ronda Sant Pere, 47).