We review the locations of the film ‘A Boyfriend for My Wife’ in Barcelona


Laura Maña's romantic comedy

After also filming Té quiero, imbécil in Barcelona, Laura Mañá returns to direct another romantic comedy. A Boyfriend for My Wife premiered in 2022 and was filmed in 2021 in our city. The film is a remake of the Argentine A Boyfriend for My Wife by Juan Taratuto. Starring Belén Cuesta, Diego Martin, Hugo Silva, Joaquín Reyes, Eric Masip and Ángela Cervantes. The locator has been Jordi Renom with the collaboration of Jaume Jordana. The location manager was Tomàs Minguella. The Location assistants were Raul E. Arranz Buxeda and David Expósito, and the location assistants Anna Salgado and Oriol Armangué. We review the locations of the film in Barcelona in this article. Beware that there may be spoilers!

Diego (Diego Martín) wants to separate from his wife, Lucía (Belén Cuesta), but he doesn't know how to tell her. He is tired of her obsessions and the constant complaints about him, and he has long since lost the spark that made him fall in love. Unable to say it to her face, he turns to Cuervo Flores (Hugo Silva), a famous old-school seducer who will try to make Lucía fall in love so that she is the one who ends her marriage.

The film begins when Diego wakes up at home in the morning and has lunch with his wife, Lucía. The apartment is on Paseo Lluís Companys. When Diego leaves, he gets into the car on the street, and she calls him on the phone.

Diego goes to work in the photography shop that he has inherited from his father. His name is Fotopro González. These scenes, while he raises the blind and works in the store, were shot at Foto Boadas (Tallers street, 17).

Later, Diego plays a game with the Gestoría Gómez team, where his friend Carlos (Joaquim Reyes) works. And then he talks to the rest of the players, his friends, in the locker room. These scenes were at the CEM Bogatell (Carmen Amaya, 4). There he confesses that he does not know how to tell his wife that he wants to divorce, and his friend Carlos proposes to hire Cuervo Flores (Hugo Silva).



After a disastrous party at the house of his friend Carlos, it is the birth of his daughter, Diego decides to see Cuervo Flores. He lives on a ship in the port. These scenes are not in Barcelona. Later, Cuervo visits Diego in the photography store. They enter the back of the store. Fotopro is on Tallers street, but the scenes at the back were at Tetuán square, 27.



Diego returns home and proposes to Lucía that she go to a Crossfit gym. He tells her he has an invitation, but he can't go. It is there that Lucia and Cuervo meet for the first time. This gym is Crossfit Poblenou (Juan de Austria, 95).



The next day, Carlos visits Diego at the store, where Leo Cortés (Eric Masip) enters. He is a customer who has a radio called Black Sheep. Diego proposes that he hire his wife. She is a journalist but doesn't have a job. Lucía does an interview on the radio. This place is on Pujades street, 142. When she leaves the interview, she runs into some boys with scooters. In this scene, she is on Bonaire street, and the boys with scooters come out of Calders street.

We see Cuervo at a traffic light with bags of clothes. He has gone shopping to make Lucía fall in love with him. He is in Tetuán square. After that, we see Lucía walking down Rec street. At number 52, there is a clothing store. In its window, she sees a dress that she likes. This store is called La comercial.



On Lucía's first day working on the radio, an editor calls her, and they meet for lunch. We see Lucia smoking on the corner of the radio's street with Masoliver Passage. The editor arrives, Gustavo, who is actually Cuervo, in a blue convertible car. She gets in the car, and they drive off. They circulate along Ciutat de Granada street. They talk while they drive along Alibei street between Girona and Bailén. They pass through Casp and Nàpols streets.

Lucía and Gustavo arrive by car at the San Antoni Abad passage. When they get to the side door of the hotel, they get out of the car, and a valet comes to receive them and gives him the keys. The two enter the restaurant to eat. The interior is the restaurant of the Hotel Market at Comte Borrell street, 68. The exterior is the side door of the hotel.

Later we see Lucía as she shops at the La Comercial store on Rec street. Then, she returns home. Another day, Lucía and "Gustavo" meet to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. It is Abisinia on Torrent de las Flors street, 55. Then they walk along Samsó street to Raspall square and cross it until they reach the Òxids store on Tordera street, 22. In this scene, the store looks like a record store, but it's not.



Lucia goes to Diego's studio behind the store. He takes pictures of her for the radio. Gustavo and Lucía walk around the port and have dinner on Cuervo's boat.

The next day we see Diego walking through Tallers street. Later, he reveals the photos of Lucía in the store. That day, Lucía and Diego argue, and she leaves the house. We see her walking at night through a porticoed area (Paseo Picasso, at number 26). She walks in the direction of the mountains.

A few days later, there is a live radio party at the Nau Bòstik (Ferran Turné street, 11).



Diego is on the bench in a match at CEM Bogatell while he listens to the radio. He decides to go to the radio. He rushes out of the field on Carmen Amaya street and meets Cuervo with the blue convertible. He gets in the car, and they speed off. The car zig-zags between other vehicles, skips a traffic light, and a Mossos's police car chases it. These scenes are between Bolivia Street, Meridiana Avenue, and Ciutat de Granada Street. He first circulates advancing other vehicles zig-zag. After he drives in the right lane, he decides to turn onto Badajoz street, coming across a vehicle driving in the left lane and having to stop suddenly. They drive down Bolivia street towards Ciutat de Granada and skip a traffic light. We see the Agbar tower in the background. On Badajoz street, there is a police vehicle that follows him. When he finds out, he stops the car, and Diego runs off.

Later, we see Diego running down Berenguer de Palou street, between Ferran Turné and Pont del Treball street, until he reaches the Nau Bòstik, where the radio program is.

It is Christmas now. And we see several scenes of the city streets with Christmas lighting. We see Catalunya square, Pelai street, and Las Ramblas. These images are by Barcelona Nit from Films A.I.E and belong to the film Barcelona, Winter Night by Dani de la Orden. Diego opens his photography exhibition at the back of the store that he has turned into an art gallery.

The next day, Lucía is at the door of the courts. She is waiting for Diego for the divorce. The exterior and interior of the courts are in the UPF building at Roc Boronat street, 131. The trial starts later, and in the meantime, they decide to go to a bar. They are at the Oma Bistró at Consell de Cent, 227. They enter the cafeteria, where the waitress serves them. They sit at a table by the window. From the outside, through the glass, we see the couple having a coffee inside the cafeteria.



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