We discover the locations of the first season of 'Merlí. Sapere Aude'


Filmed entirely in Barcelona

Now that the second season of Merlí Sapere Aude has ​​been released, we follow in the footsteps in our city of Pol Rubio (Carlos Cuevas) in the first season of this spin-off of the famous TV3 series, Merlí. The favourite student of the charismatic professor has decided to study philosophy at the university. This season we will see him during the first year at the University of Barcelona. The series has filmed in Barcelona extensively, so let's review the locations that we can see while we discover Pol's university adventures. The two location managers in the series are Gabi Lozano and Jordi Renom.

Obviously, the great location of this series is the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona, many of the scenes were shot there, but you can also see other places in the city. Will you join us?


Episode 1: Sapere Aude

In this first episode, we meet the new characters that accompany Pol, his college classmates, but others continue like Bruno (David Solans), Pol's friend, and Merlí's son. We see Bruno on Paseo Picasso while he takes the garbage down to the street and, together with Pol, they walk to the door of the Màgic disco (Paseo de Picasso, 40), where they stop to talk.
Pol looks for work in various places and delivers his CV at the La Concepció Market (C / de Aragón, 313, 317). When leaving, he meets his father Alfonso (Boris Ruiz) and his teacher Glòria (Assun Planas) in a cafe, it is the Sopa de pedres in Pasaje del Mercado, 12. There, the teacher gives him an essay that he had made when he was little. 

When he leaves the cafe, he stops to read the essay again at the door of venue 5 of Aribau cinemas. At one of the stops of the FFCC, Pol sees the ghost of Merlí (Francesc Orella) and, he talks to him about his future.

Pol enters the University of Barcelona to study philosophy. He does it through the door of the historic building that is in Universitat Square. In all the episodes, we see various spaces of the university such as the hall, the corridors, various classes, and its courtyards. For example, Pol walks through the cloister of the Patio de Letras with his new colleagues, Biel (Pere Vallribera) and Oti (Claudia Vega). With Biel, he visits the UB Reserve Library and, there they meet Minerva (Azul Fernández), an Argentine student. We also see how Bolaño (María Pujalte), Pol's new teacher, meets her daughter, Laura (Gloria Ramos), in the room of the honorable rectors of the UB.

The coffee in the courtyard of the university, where Pol and his new classmates go, is in the garden of Ferran Soldevila. Bruno, on the other hand, also hangs out with his university companions, Ángel (Carlos Indriago) and Sara (Zoe Stein), in the café of the University of History on Montealegre street, which is in the Victòria dels Àngels Gardens.

Pol is going to return his wallet to Rai (Pablo Capuz), a new colleague from the university who has left it in class. He does it at his house in the Pedralbes area. Oti goes to see Minerva, she calls her from a window on her flat that overlooks the Temple of Augustus (Paraíso, 10). Space that belongs to the MUHBA. In this chapter, we see Pol at his work in a night parking on Calabria street. The staircase and elevator where Pol and his father fight when they talk about going to live with Gloria are on Cunit street. The episode ends when Bruno and Pol take a walk and bath naked at Somorrostro Beach.



Episode 2: Fin’ amor

Again, in this episode, we see many scenes at the university such as Bolaño's class, the cafe, or the Library where Pol asks Bolaño why she has not given him a grade on his essay about beauty. 

Bruno and his companions walk down Montealegre street in front of the MACBA Chapel. Then, they stop and speak in front of the museum, in the Plaza dels Àngels. There, he shows them Pol's photo.

Biel visits Minerva's apartment and calls her from the Temple of Augustus again. But Minerva is not there. She is working at El Sortidor bar (Sortidor Square, 5). There, she meets Rai. Minerva quits her job because her boss doesn't pay her and, she and Rai run through various streets of the city.

Bolaño and his daughter shop at the supermarket next to his house, Mira Supermarket, on Diputación Street. They have dinner at home and when her daughter leaves, she calls her on the phone to see if she has made it to the bus. She answers in front of the statue Woman and Bird by Joan Miró in the Joan Miró Park.


Episode 3: El cardumen

In this chapter, we see several new spaces of the university, like the secretariat where Pol and Oti go to collect the student cards. We also see Bolaño's office. She shares it with her friend and also professor, Sílvia Montoliu (Eva Martín). At night, the students go to study at the Library of Letters. A cat is seen in the cloister of the Paraninfo. Then, Bolaño calls Pol and they talk inside the greenhouse in the Ferran Soldevila Garden.

Rai's mother's auction house is on Rosselló Street. Rai invites Minerva to the opening of an exhibition there. Oti and her partner do the laundry at the Speed ​​Queen laundry on Industria Street. At the end of the chapter, we see Pol walking down the street at night. Minerva also strolls down the Rambla near the Drassanes metro station.


Episode 4: La petite mort

In this chapter, the students are on strike and occupy the rectory. Pol and Bruno visit the auditorium with La Calduch (Anna Maria Barbany), Bruno's grandmother, and Merlí's mother, to whom they will give a prize right there. La Calduch and Bruno talk about Merlí's tombstone and epitaph on their flat. Meanwhile, Minerva meets an Argentine friend named Jorge at Somorrostro Beach. Afterward, they have dinner together in his flat. Pol meets Laura, Bolaño's daughter, on a bench in the Patio de Letras.

Bruno is in the restaurant of the Faculty of History on Montealegre street. He talks to his friends when Pol arrives. Bruno rings the bell and leaves with Pol. They both eat an ice cream strolling down Conde Borrell and Tamarit streets. In the background, we can see the Sant Antoni Market. There they fight. 

Bolaño, his ex, and her daughter meet at the door when they leave Laura's doctor's building on Consejo de Ciento street. In the parking lot, Pol writes Merlí's epitaph. The workshop where they make Merlí's tombstone is in Torres de Marina.


Episode 5: Bizitza

In this chapter, Bolaño takes his daughter to the Olympic Museum. Minerva throws a party on the roof of her house. She throws the keys at Biel through the window to the Temple of Augustus. Meanwhile, Rai and Pol carry Biel's coffin, with which they will make a joke, through the streets of Barcelona to the party in Minerva's apartment. They pass through San Felipe Neri Square, Montjuic del Obispo street, Bajada de Santa Clara, Obispo street where you can see the Bishop's bridge, Fruita street, and Salomó Ben Adret street in front of the San Domènec del Call square.

In the Auditorium of the UB, Bruno and his grandmother, La Calduch, prepare to be presented with the award for her professional career as an actress. When Pol enters a gay bar, the entrance is in the Banca Passage, even though the interior was filmed in the Arena room. Bolaño visits her daughter in Flores Navarro, where she works. It is on València street.


Episode 6: Crazy

Minerva and Rai play on the Vall Parc paddle tennis courts (Arrabasada, 107), while Henry (Roberto García Suárez) watches them. He is her mother's servant. He tells them she is going to sell the house in Calella. Rai's mother, Vicky (Carmen Conesa), her aunt Esther (Silvia Marsó), and her friends also hang out in the changing rooms. There, Vicky and Rai discuss the sale of the house. After going to class on a rainy day, Pol goes out and stops to buy tobacco at Bar Ramón (Calle Conde Borrell, 81). There, he meets Bolaño drunk and accompanies her home with a taxi that they catch at the door's bar.

Bruno and Pol fight in the street because Bruno has told Pol's father that they are more than friends. It happens on Marqués de la Argentera street. Bruno talks about the argument with Pol with his friends. They are at Somorrostro Beach, in front of Frank Gehry's Olympic Fish. Pol and Rai drive a classic car to take the portrait of Rai's father. We see them driving through the streets of the city. We can see the Diagonal, the obelisk that is at the height of Paseo de Gracia, and the Monumental fountain, which is in this same street until they make the rounds. Later, Ángel / Angela performs at Nuevo Satanassa (actually it is the Tinta Roja on Cruz dels Molers street, 17) where Bruno, his friends, and Pol see him.


Episode 7: Río

On the stairs of the Paseo Jean Forestier in the Montjuic Park, Biel and Minerva talk sitting down. He massages her back and she tells him that her favorite cake is Red Velvet. Later, Biel stops by a pastry shop on Palla street and buys Red Velvet from Minerva. It is the Caelum pastry shop (Palla street, 8).

Esther and Rai's mother play with Vicky's two friends on the Mèlich Sportclub tennis courts in Sant Just Desvern. There, the two sisters fight because Esther has a relationship with Rai. 

Henry calls Rai from the club pool to explain it to him. Later, both sisters speak at the auction house before the Epiphany painting. We see again the laundry where Oti, Biel, and Arnau are.


Episode 8: The Holy Battalion of Thebes

The first image in this chapter is Pol, all changed, on a Renfe train approaching the Arc de Triomf station. He goes to Rai's party at his house in Pedralbes. 

Henry talks to Minerva from the Temple of Augustus to convince her to go to the party. Meanwhile, Bolaño is in the hospital after cutting herself on glass. Pol and Ángel take a motorcycle ride through the streets of the city. It is the last chapter of the season and it closes with Pol parking his motorcycle in front of the historic building of the UB to return to class after the party.

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