'Vintage' films in Barcelona


The journey towards maturity of a strange couple of friends

Filming has begun for the Vintage series, a co-production between TV3 and Brutal Media, starring Abel Folk, Lluís Villanueva, and Diana Gómez. Vintage is a comedy with touches of drama, created by Juan Cruz, Rafel Barceló, Júlia Cot, and Enric Pardo, directed by David Martín Porras and Elia Urquiza, and which will have eight episodes, will be one of the bets of the 2023-season. 2024.

Paco crashes his car after drinking excessively at a party, thinking he can still flirt with a young girl. A Tinder scammer steals from Pie, the wife of his friend Genís, all of his marriage savings. They are two friends in their sixties that will suddenly discover that their world is ending,... and the time to have a good time, too.


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