Vindicating Elena Jordi, pioneer of Catalan cinema


Creation of its collection in the digital repository of the Filmoteca

The Catalan Academy of Cinematography has decided to vindicate the figure of Montserrat Casals i Baqué. Since its commitment to the recovery of the cinematographic heritage. She was known as Elena Jordi (Cercs, 1882 - Barcelona, 1945), the vaudeville star and theater entrepreneur who became the first film director in the entire state to direct, produce, and star between 1917 and 1918 the film Thaïs. Unfortunately, the copies are lost.

The Academy wants to vindicate her figure and demand more research on the women pioneers of our cinema. Therefore, the Academy has promoted the creation of the Elena Jordi Fund in the digital repository of the Filmoteca de Catalunya, consisting of 56 photographs, articles, and documents and the configuration of a virtual itinerary, written by Josep Cunill, his biographer.

You can check it out here.


Photo Elena Jordi: Antoni Esplugas (1915)

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