The first film by Paul Calpe

Based on Rafael Vallbona's novel, XXV Ferran Canyameres Prize, the director Pau Calpe has adapted it to the cinema, with a script by Marta Grau. The filming has been carried out for 15 days (3 weeks in Barcelona and Lleida). In our city, they shot on Carbassa Street; at Pensión Segre (Simón Oller street), and the Sants bus station. Also, in Badalona on the beach and El Pescador Restaurant.

Alcastrer, Ponent. A town of a hundred souls. Joan (Pep Cruz), an old and ill-faced peasant, tired of suffering robberies in the mas, decides to join the nightly rounds of peasants who guard the land, the militia. His son Pepe (Roger Casamajor), who has just returned from the city, accompanies him. During the round, Joan and Pepe run into a thief in the land. Annabel Castán, Montserrat Miralles, and Ramón Bonvehí complete the cast with amateurs actors from Lleida.

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MIQUEL ÀNGEL PINTANEL: “Until the 50s or the beginning of the 60s, the still image was like a parallel film.”

This month we interview Miquel Àngel Pintanel, documentarian specialized in photographic archive at the Filmoteca de Cataluña (Film Archive of Catalonia) and curator of the exhibition "The keys to the still image: Spanish cinema in the 40s", which you can see at the Filmoteca until 13 June. We talk with him about the exhibition, about his profession and in particular about still images.