'Tarzan Movement' is now available online


The documentary has shot in Barcelona

Alexia Kraft de la Saulx has directed this documentary starring Víctor Manuel Fleites. Filmed in Barcelona in 2022, especially in Ciutadella Park, the documentary talks about the so-called Tarzan of Barcelona, who teaches you to climb trees and trains with the people who wish to do so in a school tree in Ciutadella. We interviewed Alexia for our website a while ago on the occasion of her short film L'hort de Robert, which won an award at the Eco Film Festival in London. You can read the interview here.

In Tarzan Movement, she explains that while big cities may seem like the perfect place to create human connections, they usually do the opposite effect. With Tarzan Movement, Víctor's philosophy is to recover this lost connection between us, nature, and ourselves. Víctor creates a safe space where he brings attention, a fresh look, and a safe space to create a community where people can explore how to embody different animals and their movements. A place to explore their relationship with trees and their fears. This film presents the personal journeys and transformations of people who have decided to join the movement. You can see the documentary online here.