'Tú también lo harías’ films in Barcelona


Directed by David Victori

The filming of this series, directed by David Victori and created by Victori and Jordi Vallejo, began in March and will last ten weeks and visit our city. It will premiere exclusively on Disney + in Spain.

The protagonists are Pablo Molinero, Ana Polvorosa, Michelle Jenner, José Manuel Poga, Paco Tous, Elena Irureta, Ana Wagener, and the special collaboration of Chechu Salgado.

An armed robbery takes place on the bus line that connects the airport with several cities near Barcelona. The result? The three dead robbers, a wanted person, and six witnesses can't identify the fugitive. Agent Fran Garza (Pablo Molinero) and his partner -and former lover- Rebeca Quirós (Ana Polvorosa), suspect that the witnesses are not telling the truth. Tú también lo harías is a co-production between Legendary Television and Spotlight Media.

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