The series 'A muerte' films in Barcelona


A new romantic comedy by Dani de la Orden

In A muerte, Joan Amargós plays Rául, a young man who sees his life turn upside down when he is diagnosed with a mortal illness and at the same time, he meets Marta, played by Verónica Echegui, who has just discovered that she is pregnant... and is not sure what decision to make.

Also part of the cast is Paula Malia, Cristian Valencia, Claudia Melo, Roger Coma, Joan Solé, Julián Villagrán, and David Bagés, with the collaboration of Berto Romero, Leticia Dolera, and Pep Munné.

Dani de la Orden directs this series of 7 30-minute episodes, an Atresmedia Televisión production in collaboration with Sábado Películas, DeAPlaneta, and Playtime Movies, and films in Barcelona.



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