The series ‘Enemy of the People’ shot in Barcelona


It is a Finnish production

In late August and early September, the Finnish series Enemy of the People shot in our city. The series is a production of Fire Monkey, a Finnish production company, with the service of the Barcelona production company 15L Film. The director is Mikko Kuparinen. Enemy of the People has a Finnish cast consisting of Kreeta Salminen, Tobias Zilliacus, Karoliina Blackburn, Jussi Partanen, but also a Spanish cast with Aina Clotet, Raül Tortosa, Lluís Altés and Eloi Catalan.

In Enemy of the People, a Finnish journalist travels to Barcelona to investigate the death of a retired former Finnish soccer player who has been mysteriously murdered in his Mediterranean home. The series premiere is scheduled for approximately May 2022.

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