The second season of 'Todos mienten' films in Barcelona


With new additions to the cast

Pau Freixas directs this Movistar + series again in its second season, full of secrets, deceptions, half-truths, and unexpected twists. The production shoots again in Barcelona.

This season stars Irene Arcos, Natalia Verbeke, Eva Santolaria, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Juan Diego Botto, Ernesto Alterio, Miren Ibarguren, Jorge Bosch, Carmen Arrufat, Berta Castañé, Lu Colomina, Amaia Salamanca, Marc Balaguer, and Alberto San Juan and Kiti Mánver in this new season.

Belmonte's investigations continue after Iván's murder. The presumed perpetrator is Néstor, who turns out to be dead. Macarena and Ana murdered him and disposed of the body, but it has reappeared. What's going on?


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