Sólo Química is rolling in Barcelona


Alfonso Albacete returns to film in Barcelona with Sólo Química, a Rodar&Rodar which has a cast full of well known faces.


Alfonso Albacete returns to film in Barcelona, ​​where he also shot Entre vivir y soñar (2003), a Rodar&Rodar production named Sólo Química, which features a cast led by Ana Fernandez (Oli) and Alejo Sauras (Carlos), followed by Rodrigo Guirao Díaz (Eric), Jaime Olías (Hans), Alex Monner (Tirillas), Esmeralda Moya (Susana) and others like Martina Klein, Bibiana Fernández, Jose Coronado, Adrià Collado and Natalia de Molina.

The shooting of this romantic comedy began on May 12th in several locations of the city such as restaurants, shops and cafés of the Eixample's district, the streets of Sant Andreu or the Jumping Municipal Pool of Montjuïc, where a great view of the city can be enjoyed.

This film was an idea that emerged at Málaga, and it starts from the Oli's standpoint, a fan who does not consider herself as such, and the admiration that she has towards Carlos, a TV star.

The film will arrive to theatre screens in 2015.

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