Recommendations to see at home (VIII)


Series, films and tv programs that have been filmed in Barcelona

This is the eighth week of confinement and here we have the eighth round of our recommendations to make these difficult days a little better. Each week we offer you a compilation of these recommendations we make via social media every day. They are movies and television series, programs, documentaries, and different audiovisuals. You can see them open or on various paid platforms. All of them have filmed in our city.




  • The Filmoteca de Cataluña dedicates an online film exhibition to the director Pere Portabella, every Monday you can see one of his films on the Filmoteca's youtube.
  • One of the films that you can see these days within the DA Film Festival is The Queen of the lizards by Burnin' Percebes, a film that shot in our city in Super 8. Until May 10 at Filmin.
  • At the DA Film Festival, you can also watch the documentary Girando por Sant Antoni de Pere Alberó which shows the changes in this neighborhood of Barcelona. Until May 10 at Filmin.
  • The film The days to come directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet and starring David Verdaguer and Maria Rodríguez Soto. You can see it at Filmin.
  • The film The Long Way Home by Sergi Pérez and performed by Borja Espinosa. You can it at Filmin.
  • You can already watch the fourth episode of Killing Eve, shot in Barcelona: You can see it on HBO.
  • If you like cinema, this documentary series interests you. La gran il·lusió explains the big and small stories of cinema in Catalonia. You can see it on demand on tv3.
  • You can now watch this week's Tabús program on tv3 about people who live or have lived in poverty. A la carte here.
  • Cesc Gay directs Félix, a tv series starring Leonardo Sbaraglia. You can see it at Movistar +

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